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Lord’s Day

FB95IMG951441722821172_resizedThis is My day, one I created and planned for long ago.  Nothing in this day escapes My attention, I know My plans for this day.  I know your plans, let us conspire to align them that your life will be blessed and My will be accomplished.  Don’t fret over the little things nor the large; bring them all to Me.  Trust Me with the matters of your day.  I see the beginning from the end and will work all things out for the good, even though at times you may shake your head and wonder how it may be what is best.  Trust in me, let your faith meter rise to new heights as you leave your cares and concerns in My hands. Receive My peace, walk in it; let My peace radiate through you being a witness of My presence for all to see.

Be Still

The Lord gently speaks to my heart…

Sit and chat with Me a while, let us have a heart to heart. You are not my slave or hired servant, you are first and foremost my child. I want to know you as such, as the child I love and I want you to know Me as your Father, one that you love. I desire the best for you, not because of what you can or will do for Me, but out of my love for you. I want to show and teach you all of heavens secret for it is your inheritance, it is your right as my heir. All that I have given to Jesus, my son, is also yours. As you grow and mature you will learn how to rightfully handle what I have for you. Come sit beside Me, know My heart of pure love and  acceptance of you. You are not an orphan, you do not need to be self-reliant, you do not have to strive to earn what is already yours through a relationship with Me. Open your heart to My unconditional love, incline your ears to My words, know My heart, walk in My ways and plans for your life, walk in hope and into your future.

Apple Ponderings


The exterior peel though normally appealing is not what we long for, it’s what’s on the inside. The peel wraps itself around the tender sweet juicy nourishing flesh inside; the peel is strong enough so the apple doesn’t fall apart, but soft enough to easily allow us inside. The peel let’s some of the fragrance held within escape drawing others near, but the real aroma and beauty of the apple comes when it is opened up.  Then at the core, the center of who the apple is, is life, seeds of life, just waiting to be released and planted in a new garden to bring forth more life.

You my friend are the apple of God’s eye, he delights how you let him inside, how you let his sweet aroma be released through your open life, that the seeds of life he put in you – you plant into the garden soil of another’s life.

You my apple friend are a blessing

God’s for You

Apples on limbKnow the Lord is with you, He is for you, and has good plans.

I am the Lord your God, I am faithful to be who I said I am. I am unchanging, I am eternal, you can hope and trust in me. I am faithful to my word and I will perform each word and fulfill each promise I have made.  I am the same yesterday, today and forever. A wrong perception of me does not make me wrong. I am a God of love and my love is towards you. My plans for you are good, even when you do not see them. There is hope for you, even when you do not feel it. There is a future for you, one with joy, hope and yes – even some sorrow in it, but it is a good future, even if it seems out of your grasp. I long for you to receive all I have for you, to not to be deceived that it is not there, that it is not for you or unattainable, for it is attainable; accept that it is for you, a gift from me to my loved one – you.
May your day be blessed with a sense of His holy presence surrounding and uplifting you, of his vast love and affection for you; you my friend – are the apple of His eye.

Blessing or Blessed

You frequently hear it’s more blessed to give than receive.  It is also easier to give than receive if you are self-reliant, prideful or lack humility.  I am by no means saying anyone has these issues if they decline assistance; there are legitimate reasons to decline, we just need to be aware of our motives.

If everyone gave and no one received, then who would the giver give to, and how would they be blessed by giving if they could not give?  There is nothing wrong in humbly receiving; it is not that we expect, demand or think it is owed.

Having recently experienced the other side of the coin, going from blessing others to being on the receiving end; I had a choice to make, accept or decline.  Did I pass with flying colors, humbling accepting?   Continue reading