Monthly Archives: December 2016

Flow with Me

oil-lamp-onlineHear the wind blowing in the leaves? They are completely surrendered to where the wind takes them; be also willing to go without resistance where the My Holy Spirit leads you. A fresh wind is coming to take you where you have not gone before – if you are willing to let it take you, willing to flow with it. You do not need to fear what I am in. Protect the purity of My move. It is not for show or your self-glory, it is for mine. Let Me move unhindered showing My glory, releasing signs and miracles. The Acts Church was not just for yesterday, but for today. Are you hungry for it?


meditation-falls-onlineCome in, I’ve been waiting for you. Glad you came to seek Me, to be in My presence as you begin your day. I have some things for you to know that you will face today, not to make you afraid or dishearten you, but to encourage you, to let you know I am here, you do not face this day alone. I have a plan for you that will cause all to work out for the good. Here, let’s talk about it before you go – so you are prepared.

Gift of Giving

Gift - onlineDecember is here, heralding a traditional season of giving and merriment, it also signals the closing out of the year. We could not think of a better way to end the year than celebrating the birth and life of Jesus, and to reflect on what he has done this year and what he is calling us into in the next year.
   So, what’s God doing? What is He whispering in the listening ears? Is He calling us to something new or encouraging us to stay the course? Whatever it is let us consider it all joy and do it for His glory alone, that others may see our good works and glorify our Father which is in heaven.
   Not all things we are called to do will be displayed in lights or written about in newspapers for posterity. Most of the mighty men and women of God have faithfully given and humbly served in the trenches, doing so in silence, drawing no attention to themselves.
   Likewise a widow gave her two mites with no fanfare, but was seen by Jesus, her act is now a lesson in humbleness, sacrifice and giving for us all. It is not the amount, the fame, or worldly gain that catches His eye, it is the heart and spirit with which we do all things. Jesus tells us he did not come to be served but to serve; he is the perfect example of serving and giving.
   Heavens value system is contrary to our world where having more is the sign of success; in heaven it’s who gives more with the right heart attitude, and it’s not just about giving money. The Lord loves a cheerful giver in whatever we set our heart to give to honor Him, whether in time, money or serving. Do we have joy in our giving and serving? Even in a job where we’re paid to do, we can do it as a service, with excellence, not just the minimal required. What we do is a self-portrait; should we not desire to sign it with excellence.
   As we joyfully give gifts to others let’s consider a precious gift for ourselves, in this season and throughout the year, the gift of time at the Master’s feet. Just being in His presence, is a gift with uncountable value. A place we can hear what He is whispering into our listening ears, be it how much he loves and cares for us; has been there in difficult times when we didn’t think He was even aware; or calling us to something new, higher, deeper; or His encouragement to stay the course.
   So, what’s God doing? Or, perhaps better asked, what are we doing, what are we giving?