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Seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened; persistent action is behind both. How much do you want the Lord? Is it just enough to pray a token prayer now and then, or to engage in heartfelt persistence? Prayers that move you – move heaven.

Who I Am

colored-lights-onlineSeek Me and I will reveal myself to you. It is not the collective wisdom of the masses who determine who I am. I am who I am, and the Holy Spirit reveals who I am. What Holy Spirit reveals and sheds light upon is found in My word, the Bible: He (Holy Spirit) illuminates Me in it giving clarity and insight into the meaning of what is written. Think you know Me? Wait and see who I reveal myself to be as you seek Me with all your heart.

Open Book

bible and lampThere is a peace that I give which the unbelieving world does not understand, but they can see the evidence of it in the life of believers, those who accept My peace and steward it well. True peace comes from having a relationship with Me and My holy presence residing in you. What the world sees in you will speak greater volumes than the scriptures you share about My peace for their eyes are not yet opened, but they read your life and actions like a mystery novel – wondering what is it that brings you joy and peace in the midst of chaos and uncertain times. Be an open book for them to read; a book of love, hope, compassion, and a greater truth and way of life; be a well-read novel impacting generations to come.

Time Has Come

clock-croppedThe time has come for more; time to step out of the comfort zone, from desiring to just do for Me what you want, are good at, and comfortable doing. Position yourself next to Me, align with My desires and plans.  You can do the impossible not because you are equipped and know how – but because I am able, and know how. Recall how I filled Bezalel with my Spirit giving him great wisdom, ability, and skill in constructing the tabernacle and all it contained; My Holy Spirit is within you. I choose to move through people to accomplish My will. I am looking for willing individuals. Will you be one?