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Prepare to Run

Prepare to rTennis Shoesun the race with swiftness. Now is the time of preparation so we can endure to the end of the race. In the middle of a race is not the time to prepare, the time is before we begin. Build up endurance and strength that you don’t faint in the middle. The Holy Spirit will be our trainer. As we run along the path He will be there to encourage and refresh us; giving nourishment to sustain us. The Lord will be at the end when we cross the finish line into victory and eternal glory.

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize?Run in such a way as to get the prize. 1 Corinthians 9:24


20150902_111528We recently had an earthquake in our local area which did not arouse much attention. I thought it interesting that in our church building that night, with some standing, others sitting, some were aware of the ground movement and others, myself included, were not.  Then it comes to mind, is it not the same in the spiritual world?  Why are some individuals sensitive to the movement of God, that they immediately pick up on what he is saying or how he’s moving in a particular service? How do they recognize an anointing on a particular person or the message given; yet others have no sense of the Holy Spirit’s moving and leave God’s presence unchanged. Why? What makes the difference?

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Burning Passion

fire (2)

A great urgency burns within                                                                                                         A heartache, a hunger, a hurt                                                                                                       A great overwhelming passion                                                                                                 It’s such an unquenchable thirst

I am not content where I am                                                                                                  There blazes deep within my soul                                                                                               A consuming fire for my Lord                                                                                                   For a depth, a measure untold

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Everlasting Love

Our Heavenly Father would say to us – 

I love you with an everlasting love, with the love of a Father’s heart, from a heart of compassion and a desire or your well-being.  My love for you cannot be bought or earned.  I love you because I am love and you are My child.   A love such as Mine may be difficult to understand as your only comparison is that of other people, some with good intentions but who miss the mark, while others use such statements to manipulate you for their own gain.   I don’t say I love you to get you to do something for me.  My love is pure and undefiled.  I only desire what is best for you, My love is not selfish, it is a sacrificial love.  My love will stand up to the test of time; it will not fade or be withdrawn.  My love is an everlasting love, one I desire to make known to you, to all who will receive it.