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Turn Aside

honey - online

My Beloved,                                                                   Turn aside from your busy day, come away with me – if only for a little while. I have some things I want you to know, secrets of heaven to reveal. They will be as glistening strands of golden light that stitch together a torn heart; or liquid drops of amber balm soothing a wounded spirit. Turn aside a little while with Me to see the treasures of heaven for you, which all begin with knowing Me and my Son, Jesus Christ.

Mark of a Loved One

Rose - onlineYou are a child of God, his beloved. You are most precious to Him. Know
His great love for you, it’s not based on what you have done but on who you are to Him, the one He sought and called to himself. He pours out his love on you simply because He loves you, He desires to bless you and lavish you with his love. He has put his mark upon you, the mark of a betrothed one, a mark that says you are accepted, desired and wanted, that you are valued and cherished. A mark others will see and know, they will honor you for the position you have and rejoice with you. Oh precious loved one rest secure in the Lord’s love, all that He has is yours, what you have need of – simply ask him for, it is His pleasure to give you the desire of your heart as your heart is set on him.


Gift - online             December, it’s here, with Christmas just around the corner and a new year right on its heels. But, let’s not rush the New Year, instead let’s delight in this moment in time we have been given; the time to celebrate an event that changed the course of history for you, me and all mankind; one that would alter the human relationship with the living God, all because of a baby’s birth. What seemed an ordinary event in life had an extraordinary beginning, when the seed of God was planted in the womb of a virgin girl, resulting in an anything but an ordinary newborn child. A birth that warranted the angels of heaven

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