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Pondering – Holy Spirit

There is Dove in flightsomething about the stillness, those quiet times, when the Holy Spirit comes, making himself known and reveals things of life to us. Some on a very practical level, while others for fun.  It’s different to think in terms of “fun” and the “Holy Spirit”.  It brings a smile to my face and a chuckle on the inside.  I’m certain heaven is not going to be boring, nor all work.

I wonder what fun stuff we will be up to?  I don’t quite see Jesus as a practical jokester; possibly Continue reading

Lessons from a Cat

100_6645aI could learn much from my cat on persistence and pursuing the desires of the heart.  When she sees me, she comes close, rubbing against my leg, nudging my hand, wanting to experience the pleasure of her master’s touch.  When she does not feel my touch, she doesn’t give up, she becomes more persistent, more aggressive, nudging even harder. If I am silent, not speaking or responding, she begins to softy call out, then turns more vocal as if crying out in desperation. When she does not see me, she searches the house, then sensing I am on the other side of a door; she works at the door Continue reading

Main Thing

Every100_1096 once in a while, admittedly too often, I need a gentle loving reminder from my Heavenly Papa, to keep the main thing the main thing; the main thing being Jesus.  He is not part of the formula, He is the formula.  Tenderly, as a caring Father, He speaks to my heart:

Frequently I come and knock, desirous to spend time with you, but there is no answer, busyness keeps you occupied.  I sit and weep at our lost time together, those things I was unable to share or call you to.  The dull clang of a brass cymbal has kept you from hearing.  Oh that you would have hearing ears and seeing eyes, for the things of Me, of heaven.  Oh the lost riches of heaven I am unable to impart as you clamor for the temporal things and acclaims of this world, those without eternal value.  Look away, hear My voice, seek My face, that it may be well with your soul.  That it may be well with us, that you may prosper in Me and eternally. 
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Hold On

193It can be frustrating when we can’t figure things out, when the answers and next step escape us; that’s when faith and trust has to step in. We know that God is at work and is working all things out for good – even though it may not seem like it at the time.  He sees the beginning from the end and knows what’s best.  Let’s trust that current circumstances are a blessing in disguise.   As much as we want a cake to hurry and bake so we can relax and enjoy it, if we take it out too soon the outcome will not be good; we also don’t want what the Lord is birthing to be delivered prematurely, but in the fullness of His perfect timing.   May an increased faith, hope and trust in a loving God arise, and an infilling of such unimaginable peace that all fears and worry melt away.

Amazing Grace

I find the grace of Jesus Christ so amazing.  When I feel so undeserving, those times when I can’t begin to count how many ways I have blown it – just in that one day; instead of lowering the boom He picks me up not bothering to dust me off first, then holds me close tenderly as He pours out His extravagant love on me.   He holds me near until I am strengthened, know I am forgiven, feel secure in Him and am able to stand facing what is ahead.  Grace, God’s unmerited favor; I Continue reading

Season Check

20140426_113511Summer is quickly coming to a close, Autumn will soon be upon us in our part of the world. The colors of summer will begin to fade, leaves will fall and daylight shorten as nature prepares for a winter slumber. Yet in other parts of the world there is continual life and growth, where winter is only a date on the calendar. There is lush vegetation full of life year round, where temperatures only vary by a few degrees through the seasons. Then other places go into a hard winter nap when even the sun does not shine.

Do we recognize in nature a similarity to our spiritual life?  Are we continually Continue reading

The Tapestry

030                                                                                                  The mystery of the tapestry                                                                                                             A jumbled mess of thread and color                                                                                               Leaving me but to wonder                                                                                                       What does the Master Weaver see

He continues His work while telling the story                                                                           Of the jumbled mess before me                                                                                            Some stitches are of love and laughter                                                                           Others of pain and tears Continue reading