Monthly Archives: November 2015

Raising the Bar

That wStairway - onlinehich you stand on is good but the bar is being raised.  You are being called to a higher accountability.  You need Me in order to do this, it’s all about Me, Me released through you.  You need the time with me to receive what is to be released.  Come and dine, snacks will not suffice, you need hearty meals.  Feast on Me and My words, they are life to your bones and spirit, be fatted on Me.  Spend time with Me, then take Me with you, don’t try to do what I ask on your own, you need Me in order to accomplish what is ahead.  Continually drink from the Well Spring of life being refreshed and revitalized that you do not grow faint or weary.  You are My representative, strive to represent Me well and in fullness, for I am not a God of lack but of abundance.  

Turn Aside

Sun - online

When we turn aside from our busy day, if only for a little while, to spend time with the Lord, what secrets of heaven would He reveal? Such secrets would be as glistening strands of golden light that stitch together a torn heart; or as liquid drops of amber balm soothing a wounded soul. What joyful melodious tunes would we hear to lift our spirits or words of encouragement giving wings to our dreams? Let us turn aside to see the treasures of heaven for you and I, which all begin with knowing our God and his son Jesus Christ.

Listening Prayer

Pray - onlineLet us never grow weary of going to the Lord in prayer, of making our requests known, of seeking His will for our life and situations. He cares about those things that affect us. Let us freely talk with Him, trust Him to listen and respond. He takes delight when we stop, wait and listen to hear His response, instead of just saying a prayer and go on our way, never waiting to hear what He has to say. He desires to have a two way conversation. As we wait upon His reply, not rushing off to something else, He is able to share insights with us, letting us know what’s in His heart, what His plans are, why His answer is such and such. Why saying “yes” is not always the best answer, Continue reading

Peace Despite the Storm

How can we be so certain God’s plans for us are good? We are bombarded at every turn with bad news: super-storms, flooding, severe drought, earthquakes, shootings, bombings, global economic crises, greater government control, diminishing religious freedoms, terrorism, and the list continues. With all the chaos and upheavals in life, when it seems everything is going wrong and with our dwindling faith for any change, one may doubt how God’s plans are to prosper us, where the future and hope is.

If God’s plans were to harm us, why would Jesus have bothered to come? Why would he have endured such agony and suffering to save us? Why would he send the Holy Spirit to be our comforter, teacher and guide? If God’s plans had not been for good, then why give us a Continue reading


Dive DeeperDeeper, deeper, deeper, I am calling you deeper into Myself, into My love, My presence, My fullness. Deeper than you ever thought possible; deeper into a place the mind cannot fathom, a place of the spirits – yours and Mine. A place intellect doesn’t understand, yet the spirit comprehends. Come closer, go deeper, there is so much more for you, in Me, than what is found on the surface.