Monthly Archives: July 2016

How’s The Fruit?

Fruit Plate - onlineHave you ever made plans for your day, scheduled everything out just perfectly, to only have them fall apart due to unforeseen delays or events?

What purpose is there to unforeseen circumstances in life? Missed flights, stuck in traffic, long wait at the doctor’s office or in line at DMV, a sick child or pet; do they serve any purpose? Or, do they simply exist and have no cause or affect?

Does how we handle the unexpected circumstances perhaps reveal Continue reading


Rock StepsHold on, I’m calling you. Are you ready? I sense an excitement within you, a longing, a desire, all for Me. When you’re ready to step out from where you are there is more than you have imagined waiting and I’ll be there to go with you into the new adventures of life, whether it be in your own neighborhood or beyond. It just takes a willing heart and feet. You won’t regret saying yes, granted it may not be all thrills and easy, but will be worth it. You were meant for more than an ordinary life, the more comes when you join in co-labor with Me. Doors and windows will open you have not seen before, divine encounters and opportunities await you. Trust me, take my hand, let’s begin – one step, one yes, at a time.

Heart Mender

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABring your heart to me, all the broken and bruised pieces. Lay them out before me – everyone, I’ll put the pieces back together if you’ll let me, I know the way, I am the original designer. You don’t need to carry the hurt, the pain, sorrow and sufferings, it’s been long enough. Your heart was not meant to carry such heavy weights; they cause cracks and fissures, dark spots and even hardness of heart, release them to me. Then let your heart and spirit carry My joy, peace, and love, they are light as  a feather and add no stress. A heart at rest, at peace, gives life to the body, a twinkle in your eye, a joyous song in your spirit.