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armour-onlineRise up O’ daughter, rise up O’ son, it is not a time to slumber or sleep but to gird yourself for battle in My service. You fight many things because they do not feel good to the flesh – yet not a battle with a heavenly perspective. It’s best to fight battles that I am engaged with you in so you don’t fight alone expending your own energy to gain little. As Moses did not want to go where I was not going to be, let him be an example for you.



arms wide open - onlineThe attitude with which we approach our time with God is important, it can open or close the door. Approach Him expectantly and with reverence.


shout-onlineAre you ready? I am!                                                                                           I’m not going to barge in – I am waiting for your invitation. How much of My presence do you want? A trickle, a brief feel good moment, or a sustained outpouring? The choice is yours; I wait for your unified invitation.

Crazy Situations

   193My neighbors and I were evacuated once again this year; first time was for a potential dam failure, this time for a ruptured main gas line just over 100 steps from my front door. At first we were instructed to move down another three doors, you know – just in case. So there we sat underneath a big oak tree in camp chairs enjoying a nice cool breeze, a friendly chat, bottled waters the fire department brought us, and the whooshing sound of releasing gas as we watched the hub-bub around us.  It was later decided the cities electricity would be turned off; the power sub-station just happened to be at the same corner as the leaking gas line; a spark would not have been a good thing, could have made our small town smaller.  We were instructed to evacuate the area during repairs; we needed to leave – without our vehicles. Our street has been under construction for few weeks leaving us no driveway access, so we’ve been parking in the church lot, which yes – also happens to be located at the same corner as the leak, so on foot we left. Forget reality TV, I’ve had enough of reality life out my front window the past month that you just can’t script. So what do you do with such circumstances?
   We are faced every day with crazy situations. Some might wonder if they have a target on their back inviting chaos to take aim. Granted this may sound like an over exaggeration to some, while others might say “Yup, that sums up my life alright”.  
   How often do we hear remarks such as: Why me? What’s next? I can’t catch a break? It’s not fair! I can’t handle one more thing! If somethings going to happen – it will happen to me.
   Is it possible to invite peace and rest into our lives or turmoil and unrest by the thoughts we entertain? Does what we focus on and the meaning we give to it have negative or positive impact? Ever notice if we are discouraged or upset that that we are more sensitive to everything; that molehills seem like mountains? Yet, when we are joyful or thinking positively, the same situations appear to roll off our backs like water on a duck and we can take the chaos in stride with peace of mind.
   So what are we focusing on, is it the negative aspects of the situation or looking for the silver lining? In troubling situations are we able to honestly say “God, I’m not going to stress over this, I trust you to work all this out for the good”? We are advised to “Let not your heart be troubled”; “let not”, sounds like a choice. A choice to take our thoughts captive, to think upon whatever is praiseworthy, lovely, noble, of good report (positive),…
   What will be your focus?


sunset silhouette-online   Forgiveness, what a strong and powerful thing it is; it sets captives free. Perhaps not the one who did the offense but the offended one, the one who was wronged, that was hurt; the one who is carrying an unpaid IOU because the offender never came forth to apologize, to make restitution, or even acknowledge they did wrong; perhaps they’re not even aware they caused hurt to another.
   I, as I’m certain many others have, at times innocently said or did something never realizing others were hurt or offended. Likewise, we have also been the recipient of someone’s remark or action that hurt us, whether innocently or with malice.
   Whether actions against us are intentional or unintentional a wound may occur, which when left unaddressed can fester causing an infection of anger, resentment, and bitterness. Unforgiveness is a poison to our spirit and soul leading us to wanting revenge, to hurt as we were hurt, and can even cause hardness of heart. The poison begins to sinisterly fill us and come out in our relationships, words, thoughts, and actions; it affects our attitude, erodes trust, and casts a dark shadow over us. It holds us captive, robs our joy, steals peace, clouds vision, chips away at our patience, raises blood pressure, hinders our relationship with the Lord, and allows the adversary a foothold into our lives; once in he goes to work to bring destruction wherever he can.
   I recently found myself going from being considered a wonderful person, helpful and appreciated, to being reviled by the very same person. Further it was for something they thought they knew about someone else without having all the facts; my guilt was that I knew the other individual. My attempt to speak with them about this and the actions they were taking against me and family members, met with a rage I have never experienced before. I was in shock, hurt further, and even became fearful of their potential actions.
   My heart was certainly not at peace; I found myself being adversely affected mentally and emotionally; which I didn’t like.
   What’s a cure?
   Forgiveness, what a strong and powerful vaccine it is. It may be a hard pill to swallow, but once done heartfelt, its effects are amazing. The individual who harmed me may never apologize or ask forgiveness; nor the relationship be mended. In extending forgiveness for their actions it does not mean they were right, that I am pretending it did not happen, or that they are getting off the hook. It means I turned over the right to collect the debt myself to the Lord, who is the just Judge, to deal with them and bring justice. I chose to do this even if the Lord in His mercy were to grant them forgiveness of their sins – as they come to Him; just as He, in his mercy, forgave me my wrongs.
   Forgiving benefits the forgiver; my heart is at peace, my joy restored.

How’s The Fruit?

Fruit Plate - onlineHave you ever made plans for your day, scheduled everything out just perfectly, to only have them fall apart due to unforeseen delays or events?

What purpose is there to unforeseen circumstances in life? Missed flights, stuck in traffic, long wait at the doctor’s office or in line at DMV, a sick child or pet; do they serve any purpose? Or, do they simply exist and have no cause or affect?

Does how we handle the unexpected circumstances perhaps reveal Continue reading


Rock StepsHold on, I’m calling you. Are you ready? I sense an excitement within you, a longing, a desire, all for Me. When you’re ready to step out from where you are there is more than you have imagined waiting and I’ll be there to go with you into the new adventures of life, whether it be in your own neighborhood or beyond. It just takes a willing heart and feet. You won’t regret saying yes, granted it may not be all thrills and easy, but will be worth it. You were meant for more than an ordinary life, the more comes when you join in co-labor with Me. Doors and windows will open you have not seen before, divine encounters and opportunities await you. Trust me, take my hand, let’s begin – one step, one yes, at a time.

Dive Into the Depths of My Heart

I’m sharing a word and painting from my friend, Danielle, with her permission. I hope it speaks to you as it did to me.

    Dive by Danielle T ‘Dive into the depths of my heart‘ – I actually woke up saying this one morning. For months following I asked God ‘How?’ ‘How do I do that?’ And one day, overwhelmed by the question I just started to paint this dive painting, and when I finished, He answered me:
    It all comes down to one decision when you’re standing on the end of the dock. It’s not about what every motion and every moment of the dive will look like. It’s just that one decision. To dive. To lunge into the unknown. And once you do, then it’s impossible to look back, to turn around, to stop.                                      He also spoke about the water in my wake (the bubbles) behind me, like chaos erupting from the dive. For me this was people’s opinions and voices responding to what looked reckless to them – this  life of abandonment to God. He said “It’s important to remember it’s behind you“. I also saw how it was a decision I made alone. No one can make you do this, and no one can stop you when you do. The decision is yours. And lastly, ‘you can’t breathe under water — so it’s entirely about trust‘ Trusting He’ll keep you and sustain you in the impossible.  I also saw in the painting that it was darker the deeper I dove, and how I hadn’t expected this. I expected I would find the most light in this place, but instead I pondered how it could be I was actually heading toward dark depths. “He makes darkness his secret place”. Immediately He spoke to me “My word is a lamp unto your feet” and I knew this meant I would have to live only by every word He spoke in this place. And finally, He reminded me that He will give you treasures out of darkness. That there are treasures hidden in that unknown place, and the only way to find them, is to dive there.  Continue reading

Ready for a Day?

turtles - onlineThis is a day I have created. You are My child I also created and purposed to be in this day. I have plans for you to walk out; your surrendered heart and yielded spirit is what I have
waited for. Take My hand, trust in me and let me lead. It will be an exciting journey, your senses will be opened as never before, your eyes will see fresh and new things, you will see old things in new ways. You will understand what escaped you before. Yield to my presence as you begin this day, then it shall be a day as no other, there is no hum-drum life in My presence, it is vibrant, exciting, full of life and possibilities. Come, enter in, and enjoy.

Blessing or Blessed

You frequently hear it’s more blessed to give than receive.  It is also easier to give than receive if you are self-reliant, prideful or lack humility.  I am by no means saying anyone has these issues if they decline assistance; there are legitimate reasons to decline, we just need to be aware of our motives.

If everyone gave and no one received, then who would the giver give to, and how would they be blessed by giving if they could not give?  There is nothing wrong in humbly receiving; it is not that we expect, demand or think it is owed.

Having recently experienced the other side of the coin, going from blessing others to being on the receiving end; I had a choice to make, accept or decline.  Did I pass with flying colors, humbling accepting?   Continue reading