Monthly Archives: July 2017

Think Again

Sunrise - Red - onlineYou think it’s the same old day – think again. Open your heart and spirit to Me and see what I won’t do among you in this day.

Willing Vessels

river-krka-onlineLet the river of My presence flow through you bringing life wherever it is released and goes. Hearts that are tendered and ears tuned to My voice, being found inside willing vessels is a life I can use to touch others; to bring healing and wholeness. Will you be such a vessel?


Anchor - onlineLord, I hear the sound of Your voice, a rushing mighty wind blowing past me. Where it comes from or where it goes I do not know, but I’m glad it was here, for in the midst I hear Your words for me; words of truth, words of love, words of correction. Your words are what I am dependent on. They give me peace and reassurance, guidance and direction, wisdom knowledge and understanding. Without Your voice I would wander aimlessly lost, with no bearing in life. I would be tossed to and fro and dashed upon the rocks without hope. Your voice is my anchor, my sure foundation, what calms the storm in me. I incline my ears to the sound of your voice, to however You speak, for it is life unto me.

It Is Time

pocket watch -onlineI am here, poised to burst forth in your midst, waiting for the invitation to do so. Are you ready? Are you waiting in My presence – soaking, becoming saturated in the Water of Life that will bring forth what has been buried and dormant for a while? It is time!

Victor 2

 armour-onlineOh how the battles seem to rage long and hard in the midst of them, where troubles come from every direction, in ways we’ve never experienced before and the other side is not fighting fairly. Alas, the unfairness and dirty ways should be no surprise, the enemy pulls out every deceitful and hurtful tactic to come at us with. He studies his targets in order to know how to inflict the greatest pain. He uses circumstances, piling them one on top another, trying to wear us down; he even uses people, worst of all our loved ones and closest friends. He launches every fiery dart in his arsenal desiring to bring us down; he is already defeated and wants us to be as well.
   In low and dark periods we may be inclined to turn our thoughts from focusing heavenward to focusing inward, thinking about worst case scenarios and even begin complaining to God. As we do, if we’re willing to hear, we might just detect Him saying, “Hear My whispers, don’t be anxious, I am here – you are not alone in this situation. I know it does not seem fair what you are enduring and your right, it isn’t. Let my grace be sufficient to carry you, let my love cradle you and comfort your hurting heart. Let my joy fill you and strengthen you for each new day. Don’t hold on to the injustice, it will only weigh you down, let my righteousness fill you and be the wind beneath your wings to raise you to new heights. As you react with a different spirit than those who attack you – hot coals will be heaped upon them. They will know I am in you, that I am your victor, and the victory you walk in. Be strong and of good courage, the final battle will be yours. Grace and peace to you my beloved one.”
   One day we will have complete freedom from the adversary and his wily ways; until that day arrives let us take a stance of a victor over – versus victim of, the defeated foe, being aware of his cunning ways while knowing who we are in Christ Jesus, full of authority to be an overcomer, a victor. Luke 10:19 (AMP) tells us “Listen carefully: I have given you authority [that you now possess] to tread on serpents and scorpions, and [the ability to exercise authority] over all the power of the enemy (Satan); and nothing will [in any way] harm you”. The enemy would try to have us think differently, that we are defeated and helpless, but whose report will we choose to believe?

The Guide

Hand extended - online

Take My hand, don’t pull away; let me guide you down a way you have not been so you will not lose your way as you go. As a guide I know the best route, the danger zones to avoid, and the path of refreshing so the way is not too difficult. As you keep your hands in mine and off the controls, letting the force behind the movement be mine, there will be a pure flow and ease to what I am doing, nothing forced or made up, not concocted by man or tainted with pride. Many moves [of God] have ended when man took the controls steering it in a direction I was not going. Ready? Willing?