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Gift - online             December, it’s here, with Christmas just around the corner and a new year right on its heels. But, let’s not rush the New Year, instead let’s delight in this moment in time we have been given; the time to celebrate an event that changed the course of history for you, me and all mankind; one that would alter the human relationship with the living God, all because of a baby’s birth. What seemed an ordinary event in life had an extraordinary beginning, when the seed of God was planted in the womb of a virgin girl, resulting in an anything but an ordinary newborn child. A birth that warranted the angels of heaven

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Human Kindness

  Lizard Buddies As the Camp Fire in neighboring Butte County ravage everything in its sight leaving a path of destruction and countless individuals fleeing for their lives, a Friend couldn’t sit by as evacuees drove past our church. He wanted to fix them breakfast and headed to the church with a griddle and pancake mix in hand; another friend and I signed on bringing the oatmeal. We changed the marque to invite evacuees to breakfast; giving them a chance to catch their breath, receive comfort and prayer before pushing on; that was the beginning of an adventure in operating an evacuation shelter. Continue reading