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Truly Live

Let your hunger for Me surpass all hungers, for in Me all else will be satisfied. Let your appetite for righteousness grow and never be quenched. Feast on the Bread of Life and Living Water, and live – truly live

No Access

oil-lamp-onlineWindows, doors, and other openings left ajar for the enemy to enter is a tragedy; he is no gentleman – he enters to steal, Kill, and destroy. One must be careful to keep their dealings in life true, pure, lovely, of good report, honest, just, and virtuous, doing so will not allow the adversary free access into your life.

The Talent


   A new thought struck me as I was reading the parable of the talents (Matthew 25), the one servant did nothing with what had been entrusted to him because he knew, he believed, the master to be a hard man, so out of fear he hid his talent then went on with life as usual.  
   The Bible doesn’t say what the other two servants impression of their master was. Did they know him to be hard, or merciful, full of grace, forgiving, kind? Did their view of the master allow them freedom to take a risk in doing something with what had been entrusted to them, not fearing potential failure? Did the fact the master trusted them to begin with encourage them to improve upon who they were or what they had? The parable also does not tell us if the two servants had all success or were their ups and downs, failures and slips, along the way to finally show an increase in the end.
   What we do know is the third servant let fear stop him from doing anything with what he had, which led me to the question – what is my view or core belief of God, and does it affect what I do? The later part, does it affect what I do, I’m certain is a resounding yes. What is my core belief of God takes a little more in depth pondering, as I’m guessing it does for all of us at times, and we all need to do periodic internal checkups.
   What do we let fear stop us from doing with what the Lord has given us? What talents, abilities, gifts, wisdom, etc… lay buried under fear or other excuses and reasons for doing nothing?
   If our view of God is not of Him being a good Father we need to change our wrong thinking. I admire Apostle John’s view, he didn’t just love Jesus – he knew he was loved – by Jesus, he referred to himself as the one whom Jesus loved. Can we, without question, say we know we are loved by Jesus and the Father?
   Knowing we are loved empowers us to step out. We have each been given something from the Lord that we are responsible to steward; it takes us from an ordinary life to an abundant life in Him. Let’s not despise small beginnings, as we steward well the one thing more will be added. Do we all not long to hear the words one day “Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.” Matthew 25:23.
   The joy of the Lord starts with our relationship and a right view of the Master. Is it time to change some of our thinking; to be about using what He has given us and open to see where it goes?

The Cost

shout-onlineYou wanting more; a higher level in Me? You do know there is a cost right? No it’s not financially – it’s sacrificially, what are you willing to give up in your pursuit? Mind wasting time; perhaps some pleasurable pursuits? Maybe living a simpler life – not needing to keep up with the Joneses? Are you willing to take the time to sit at My feet getting to know Me; being teachable, humble, listening and following? As you seek My kingdom and righteousness first, then the more will come.


Bible PicCharacter means a lot to Me, without good character there is a wider door of opportunity to stumble, to be brought down, to have a moral failure. Developing good character in private and public is essential, as is allowing Me to bring to light hidden secrets, heart wounds, and issues that need to be dealt with so that none is a hindrance or stumbling block. Living an overcoming life, a victorious life, is a great witness to those in darkness; it gives hope to the struggling, is a testimony of My goodness and desire for all to be healed [emotionally]and set free; it speaks of the good plans I have for My children.

True Freedom

colored-lights-onlineFreedom comes in many forms and means different things to different people, yet all desire freedom in their lives. Freedom from oppression, freedom to dream and pursue the dream, freedom to worship; whatever freedom means individually there is only one way for true freedom, it’s to live a life surrendered to Me; I came to set the captives free. Though the physical body may be bound – if the spirit is free, in Me, they are free indeed.

Right Path

macaws-online.jpgThere is a path that seems right but not all lead to Me; to know the right way consult with Me. Just because there is hardships along the way does not mean you are going the wrong way. I can use difficulties to shape you, to bring out your character, to refine you. Silver and gold are purified by the heat, stones are smoothed as they rub against each other, and precious gems are more valuable as pieces are chipped away so their facets catch the light reflecting their true beauty. The right path is the one that allows you to become the best you shinning for My glory.   

Ask Big

oregon-landscape-onlineNever underestimate what I am doing or will do – think bigger, think beyond your capability – consider mine. When I am in it all things are possible – invite Me into everything. If I am not in it, as I am not for it, you should forget it. Be visionary, one with heaven’s perspective; people tend to ask too small – for just enough, when I want to bless them abundantly more, so there is extra to bless others. I didn’t just give Joshua a few houses to overcome – I gave him all of Jericho. I didn’t just give the Israelites a few cities to dwell in, I gave them the whole Promise Land; but they needed vision and action to possess it. Where is your Vision? What are you asking for – is it just enough or the fullness of what I have for you?