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Dive Deep

whales tail -onlinePosturing yourself to hear Me is a good thing, the proud and haughty typically do not receive My invitation to talk, yet those who are meek and humble wait in anticipation desiring to hear, desiring to dialogue with Me; to them I am their strength, their guide, their hope, their love, and their God. They recognize their need for a relationship with Me. They know where their help comes from and seeks my counsel and wisdom. Not all who claim to be Mine truly know Me; to some I am simply fire insurance, to others I am life – present and eternal. Each of their own free will chooses, some ignore Me declining my invitation – ignoring My knock or tug on their hearts, while some open but remain superficial – only allowing Me just inside; still others dive deep – surrendering all and find the abundant life in Me which is far more precious than silver or gold. Ah, that all would dive in deep; what about you, what will you do? Come taste and see that I am good, find the joys of a life surrendered to Me.



meerkat-onlineThose anxiously looking for Me and are full of expectation will not be disappointed. Even in the journey to know Me better will be riddled with many hidden treasures bringing delight as they are discovered during the pursuit.


cheetah-onlineReady? I am! I am ready to move as you have not seen before, I move among ready people, those with open eyes and hearts searching for Me, desiring something more than what they currently have; those who want personal revival, corporate revival, and a present day reformation. For those who are not content with the same old same old. Those who hunger and thirst for more, for Me, and will not be satisfied with day old manna. Today is a new day, yesterday is gone – never to be repeated, an open future awaits, occupy it and seize each new day as a new opportunity to go deeper than the day before, to knock on the door of what can be. Knock in faith with hope that this is the day of new beginning and that it will start with you, in you, and flow through you. Hunger and seek, never grow weary or satisfied that you stop coming to the well to drink.


I’m calling you closer, closer to My heart. Come in abandonment before Me with no agenda and just let Me love you. Come hear My heart and the song I sing over you. Come closer, closer to My heart and know My great love for you, know my intents and plans, and let your heart be satisfied. Come closer, closer to My heart, My love.

Heart Beat

heart-beatYou are My heart’s desire, a treasure, one of great price which I willingly paid. Take my hand, let me show you the desire of my heart – do you see your reflection? All I have done – I have done for you, all with you on my mind. I extend my hand to you, a hand of love, of friendship, help, support, guidance and so much more. Take my hand; let me draw you in closer to Me, closer to my heart. Do you feel its beat, it beats for you, it beats with the tune of an intimate love song. Come let me lavish my love upon you and wrap you in My glory. Let me drape you in love and kindness, grace and mercy. Let me fill you with peace and joy unspeakable. Let me put my mark upon you that all the world will know you are mine, that you are My beloved.




A Love for You

heart fires of love - onlineYou are my betrothed, the one I love and gave so much for. You were worth the price, every drop, every stripe, every nail. My heart is pierced when the one I love turns away, far greater than any Roman sword could. My love for you so great, so strong. You are the reason I came, suffered and died, why I rose – that we could be together now and for eternity. Take my hand, come close, hear my heartbeat – it beats with a melody of love for you.

I’m Listening

I’m listening Love Swans - onlineto the sound of My children’s worship as it rises before my throne. I hear the voices lifted up in prayer, as well as the silent prayers of the heart. I am moved on your behalf, I cannot remain silent. My love for you is so great, my desire for you so strong. I come to be with you, where you are, to surround you in my love. The time of day matters not to me, it is you, it is you – that matters to me. I am here as you call out and desire me, opening your heart, being vulnerable, before me. I come tenderly to you, taking you into my embrace holding you near; hear my heartbeat, it beats for you – my beloved.


May His fingerprints be all over your life.

Willing Hearts

White Heart flowerWilling hearts is what I long for, what I will use. Those hearts bowed in submission to a higher purpose and calling. Those who say yes and are willing before they even know the assignment; those who desire to be used however I want. These are the hearts that further My kingdom. They are the God Squad, ready for assignment at any moment. They are a force to be reckoned with; nothing can stand in their way. Their eyes and ways are set like flint on me, not being swayed by what surrounds them. They are My mighty men (and women), who will accomplish great feats; no weapon formed against them will stand, they will overcome and be victorious for I am their God and they are in my service.


May your willing hearts – say yes.  May the Lord bless you and strengthen you as he calls you into destiny.

Love’s Exchange


The New Year has arrived, are you contemplating resolutions and goals?  Does your human heart have a need to love and be loved in return? Could it be to know how to love the Lord in a greater way? To have an intimacy with Him where you would be saying:

In the midnight hour I come unashamedly seeking my Love, the One who has captured my heart; I long to be with Him as I long for no other. To you my Lord, my Love, I open my heart, come abide within, you in me, I in you; an intimate place of knowing each other.

My heart quickens as I sense your presence, it leaps for joy within my chest at your nearness, my knees grow weak, I slowly sink to the ground at Your feet,  I melt like wax at Your touch. I am undone as Continue reading