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Power, Glory, and Righteousness

    pathway- online The power of God, His glory and righteousness, do they really benefit us today? Where would we be without His power, glory or righteousness? Oh how barren our souls would be, a desolate desert, void of life; a place – a world, with no hope, bleak and dismal, a no man’s land.                                   The power of God is what changes lives and brings hope. Changes despair to gladness, sorrow into joy, and hopelessness into hope. It brings redemption, salvation and restoration. It confounds the wise and gives wisdom to the simple. It changes the atmosphere and gives life.                                                                                              Righteousness is a part of Who He is, One who knew no sin. One who rightly discerns and judges the hearts and motives, yet extends to us mercy and grace.                                                        The glory of God rests upon His followers. It shines in the dark and the darkness flees. The weight of His presence immobilizes yet at the same time gives freedom. His glory is a beautiful thing evident in a variety of ways and not fully explainable.                                                                       The power, glory and righteousness of God, are they needed today? Yes, more than ever. We would be a people without hope, we need them and the fullness of all God’s attributes.


Pink OrchaidAre you listening? I hear your questions and I am answering them; yet you do not seem to hear Me. Take a breath and be still for a moment; turn off the static noise of you anxious heart and tune your ears to the sound of My voice. When you let your heart become anxious and worried – with all your focus on the situation, it is hard for you to hear Me. Trust Me, I love you, I am on your side and listening. 


Heart sculpture - onlineMy heart breaks at unrest; it steals life and joy. Discord tears down and apart the family. Oh that you, My children, would learn to live in peace, with eyes focused on Me, with the good of others forefront in your minds, putting away selfish desires and plans. What is the highest goal and purpose of your life? Is it My calling or your own plans? As you keep the focus on Me, seeking Me and My wisdom, I will liberally pour it out on you – your paths will be smoother, your heart content, and peace will be in your household.

Involve Me

  helping-online  How often do we rush right into our day, or projects, never giving the Lord a second thought or asking Him what He thinks about what we are planning to do; after all – we planned it so well? Do we ever feel that nudging nagging feeling inside – not knowing what it’s about; or have a fleeting thought that perhaps we should do something different but don’t want to entertain a change to our plans; and then trivialize or dismiss the feelings – only later to have regrets at not paying attention to the inner voice?                                    

     What if we were given the following challenge, would we accept it?

     “Seek Me first in all you do; bring each task of your day before Me.  Invite Me to give you fresh insights, to show you the best way to go about it, to move on your behalf, to give you favor before others. As you involve Me, be open to change your plans for I know better ways; sometimes it may mean abandoning your plan altogether when I know it will not be for your good. Learn to trust Me, that I have your best interest at heart, and know the will of the Father for your life. What may appear good, innocent, and acceptable, might just cause you to pull away from Me or get you so involved in other activities that you are not free, or able, to do those things that have far greater value and lasting eternal impact. Know that I see the big picture, not simply this moment in time. There are many things that captivate your heart and delight your senses, yet not all will truly satisfy; I know the differences and desire to guide you down the path to the ones that will deeply satisfy you. Nothing is too trivial to involve Me in, or too complicated for me to understand. Why not give it a try for 30 days, involve Me in everything, I’m certain you will be amazed.”