The Writing Begins

It all began with the poem, “New Life”.  New Life was the very first poem written that contained any emotion and my life, the date – December 07, 2011 at 1:30AM.  It was a month into my emotional healing journey.

I had woken up just past midnight with the events of the evening before on my mind, in which some unpleasant circumstance had occurred.  No, I was not mentally rehearsing the events at that hour and stewing over them; quite the opposite in fact.  I was thinking with astonishment at how I had actually reacted; it was certainly not the same way I would have dealt with the situation a month earlier.  I did not shut down,  retreat within, eat something or clean house.  Instead of remaining silent I was able to address the event, articulate fairly well (especially for a girl whose forte was not in sharing feelings) how I felt and then release the hurt and receive the peace of Christ.  It was such wonderful          evidence of an inward change.

As I was laughing in amazement that early morning hour I just thought, “What an incredible journey I am beginning”.  As I contemplated it all and the goodness of the Lord, the words to this poem  began to flow so  I picked up a pen and began to write.  I must truly say, the last three and a half  years has certainly been an amazing journey with the Lord into…New Life.

Follow up on the poem –

After writing the poem I shared it on impulse via email with the pastor I had been working with.  The following is an excerpt from my journal reflecting where I was at back then…“The day is beginning, well officially at least according to the clock.  Never got back to sleep other than a few minutes doze since I sent the poem via email…  Was the poem  theologically correct, after all it went to a pastor?   Did I really do that?  Did I really just open myself up more and risk rejection, scrutiny, embarrassment?  I have rarely put pen to paper…and never anything personal and I never put my name as author.  “New Life” is personal and weighted with emotion with the background known of the past few weeks and what God is doing.  I wrote it, I signed it, and I almost can’t believe I actually shared it.  It is gone; there is no getting it back.  I have been laid bare, exposing inner most feelings, leaving them to the mercy and kindness of another, risking them once more being trampled underfoot and discarded.”

New Life

                                                                  The Lord of Light                                                                                                                                    The Lord of love                                                                                                                         Stepped down from eternity                                                         And came to me from above

                                                                   His love so great                                                                                                                               His embrace so warm                                                                                                                         As He gently guides me                                                               A life now re-born

                                                            The past hurts and pains                                                                                                                             Now lifted away                                                                                                                                     A newness of life                                                                    Begins each day

                                                                An amazing journey                                                                                                                                     Now beginning                                                                                                                                     One step at a time                                                                       New ways I’m learning

                                                                        The old is gone                                                                                                                                      The new is here                                                                                                                               Thanks to my redeemer                                                                    The Lord so dear

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