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Unconditional Love

Orange HibI am the God of the universe; I am sovereign in all my ways. I can be trusted and depended on. I’m true to my word. I have not and will not fail you or leave you. My Son gave his all for you; I allowed this because of my great love for you. If I allowed Him to go through what he did, surely I would not abandon you now. There is nowhere you can go that I am not, no action I will not forgive for those who come with an open repentant heart and yielded spirit. My desire is to be with you now and in eternity, to pour out my love on you, show you my good                                               plans and have a personal intimate relationship with you.


White Forest FlowerMy Child, I hear your voice filled with praise. Come closer, let me look upon you, you are the delight of My heart. I enjoy these times together when you are not rushing off into your day, but take time to talk with Me. Pause now and hear My voice, I love you, I desired and planned for you from the very beginning. I have special plans for you, you are my special child, unique in your ways, you are one of a kind. You touch and impact lives in ways others cannot. The world, your family, your church and your community need your unique set of gifts, calling and equipping, just as you need theirs. You were meant to need each other, to be as one family, one church, one body. In this you more fully reflect My multiple facets to the world. You were also meant to live life with Me, not apart, so I am thrilled when you are still and turn your thoughts, desires and affection towards Me, longing to know My ways, My thoughts, My desires, My heart. There is a lifetime of knowing, growing and learning open to you, there is no final degrees, no BA, Masters or PHD. What you gain does not end at your last breath, it’s good for eternity. Come, be still, sit a while with Me and know Me.


WaterfallLord, you nourish my dry and weary soul as I come to you in the still of the night. As a melody fills the air You lift my spirit up, my cares melt away. Striving ceases as my focus turns to you, as I put the burden of the “to do list” in your hands. The truth of scripture comes to reality, but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint (Is. 40:31). You sustain me, oh my Lord, you breathe a fresh breath of life over me, I am refreshed with living water.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShhhh, can you hear Him? Is He speaking to us?
Could He be saying…
Hold on, I’m calling you. Are you ready? I sense an excitement within you, a longing, a desire, all for Me. When you’re ready to step out from where you are there is more than you have imagined waiting and I’ll be there to go with you into the new adventures of life, whether it be in your own neighborhood or beyond. It just takes a willing heart and feet. You won’t regret saying yes, granted it may not be all thrills and easy, but it will be worth it. You were meant for more than an ordinary life, the more comes when you join in co-labor with Me. Doors and windows will open you have not seen before, divine encounters and opportunities await you. Trust me, take my hand, let us begin – one step, one yes, at a time.
Ever wonder what the Lord’s call to the great adventurers in the faith from the past sounded like? Was it a whisper, did it sound like thunder or deep waters? Did the earth move beneath their feet or just within their spirit? Did any grow faint and need to be strengthened by ministering angels before they could proceed forward? How many argued before saying yes?

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