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I Want You to Know

exotic bird-onlineAre you listening? I have something to say…I love you! You are the apple of My eye, the affection of My heart, the one I desire to be with, to talk to, to share what’s on My mind and make known to you the mysteries of heaven. Mainly I want you to know, and understand, how much I love you; it has nothing to do with performance, how good you are, or what you give, I love you just as you are, for who you are.


Is This For You?

I was going to post something different today but was impressed to share the following.

Someone is listening (reading) and needs to hear how loved they are. The world has beaten you down and hope is fading. You need to know that God is the God of hope who you can turn to, call out to, and share the deepest hurts, anguish, and feelings with, don’t hold them in; it is like a ticking time bomb, a pressure cooker, waiting to explode. As you release it to Him the pressure, the weights, you carry will also be released. He (God) is not the cause but He is the help.

There was a scripture John 4:26 “Jesus said to her, “I who speak to you am He.

This refers to John 4:25, where Jesus is having a conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well – “The woman said to Him, “I know that Messiah is coming” (who is called Christ). “When He comes, He will tell us all things.”

To add my own comment, the Lord knows who you are, right where you are and the circumstances. He loves you unconditionally and is reaching out to you, do not be afraid or ashamed of anything, take Him up on his offer.


To those who have ears – listen, I was not born yesterday and am unaware of what you face or is going on in the world. I am fully aware of all things, including your specific individual situation. I know all things and the way you should go, trust in Me. When you think no one listens or cares, I do. When your heart is heave and burdened, weighed down under the cares of life and you want to unload – give them to Me. In those times you feel you are walking alone, look beside you – there I am; look ahead – I have gone before you; look behind – I have you covered, there is no where you can go where I am not. I would like to be more than a silent presence – include Me in the everyday happenings of your life, minor, mundane, and major, I’m here for you through it all.

Come and Receive

Do not be so hard on yourself that you push Me away. Know that I love you, accept my forgiveness, come receive of My mercy and grace. Come closer, do not stand afar off, come – come near and receive My love, feel the warmth of My presence and know that I am for you; come, come even closer.

Wait Expectantly

Rita - church topWhat do you wait for, is it Me? Those who wait on Me do not wait in vain. How long will you wait to hear Me or see the move of My hand? You do not wait in vain; wait with an expectancy, full of faith unwavering, and you shall surely see My glory.


Why do you strive so hard in your mind – by your will, to hear Me, listen and hear with your heart. A cluttered mind has difficulty hearing, as does a spirit in unrest. Let My peace fill you, in the quiet place you can hear Me better.


baby-face-onlineListen little one to the sound of My voice and I will safely guide you through.

No Access

oil-lamp-onlineWindows, doors, and other openings left ajar for the enemy to enter is a tragedy; he is no gentleman – he enters to steal, Kill, and destroy. One must be careful to keep their dealings in life true, pure, lovely, of good report, honest, just, and virtuous, doing so will not allow the adversary free access into your life.

Ask Big

oregon-landscape-onlineNever underestimate what I am doing or will do – think bigger, think beyond your capability – consider mine. When I am in it all things are possible – invite Me into everything. If I am not in it, as I am not for it, you should forget it. Be visionary, one with heaven’s perspective; people tend to ask too small – for just enough, when I want to bless them abundantly more, so there is extra to bless others. I didn’t just give Joshua a few houses to overcome – I gave him all of Jericho. I didn’t just give the Israelites a few cities to dwell in, I gave them the whole Promise Land; but they needed vision and action to possess it. Where is your Vision? What are you asking for – is it just enough or the fullness of what I have for you?


Dove and featherMay you find many mini moments in your day where you can rest in the Lord renewing your strength. May burdens and cares become light as feathers; may you mount up with wings like eagles souring above that which tries to weigh you down. May peace wrap around your feet like comfortable tennis shoes giving you supernatural stamina to run and not be weary, to walk and not faint.