I Hear Your Prayers

I love you much, I hear your prayers, they do not fall on deaf ears. There is a perfect timing for all things. I am opening the doors before you from long ago prayers and some current ones. As you prepare yourself and are dependent on Me, you are now entering a place where you can operate in those areas without them being too much for you to handle.  I don’t want to give you what will cause you to fall because of not being ready to carry it or walk effectively as you and I desire. Your trainings and preparation time have not been in vain; nor are you through with all you need to learn – it is a lifelong process. Continue searching to know and understand Me, My ways, My heart, and the answer to those puzzling and mysterious questions. Continue with a hungry heart, open ears and yielded spirit. Be careful of being too busy to have time with Me or in My word. You are a delight, I take delight in you.

3 responses to “I Hear Your Prayers

  1. Charles Johnston

    2 28 2020
    Dear Sister April,
    I save some of your post for a time when the Spirit prompts me to read, because there is something in that post for ME!
    I read the posting of Feb 9th – “I hear your prayers”, today. Being honest, you know when you have asked for something that you believe will allow you to help other people and improve your station here and it has not come to pass, you have been close but the deal was not sealed? You trust and believe that the plans He has for us (me) will come to pass – in His time, when I can best appreciate and know that it was His hand providing the blessing.

    Your words confirmed what I have been professing to all around me, that my blessing is on it’s way, hold on a little while longer!! Do not trust what my eyes see, because He know what I am going through and wants to see if His child trust the Father to come through on time.

    Thank you for sharing your precious gift with us!




    • Brother Charles, you are a blessing. May the Lord fill you with a greater measure of hope, peace, and faith; may his blessings rest on you as you rest in Him.


      • Charles Johnston

        Aug 7, 2021 1507

        My dear Sister April!

        I have missed your thought provoking and encouraging words! It hit me a while back that something was missing from the paper – YOU!

        I needed to take the time to let you know, as if you need my reminder; that wherever He has you to give Him your best! He has called you to a special purpose, and for a season we will cherish the words He gave to us through you, until He places us in another season.

        I could go on, but our Brother Paul in his letter to the Ephesians, chapter 3:14-21, said it so well! I have a brother at church, that would say after a good word ‘well received!” Verse 20 always takes my breath: “according to the power that works in US!” HIS power, working through you and I, WOW!

        God bless you more and more this day, my precious Sister!



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