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      Memories are a special gift from the Lord. They help us know where we came from, keep us grounded and help us gain our bearing. They keep us from having to re-learn every day that fire burns – as well as warms, and what the distance is for each. Without memories we would not have a testimony of how God blessed us or brought us through a testing.  

   Life’s experiences, good and bad, make up the fabric of who we are today. We may wish to change somethings but then we would be someone else. The Lord purposed our birth order, designed our chromosomes and genes, and planned when we would take our first breath. He thought extensively about us as He knit us together in our mother’s womb.Being perfectly created and living in a perfect world is, well, perfect.  Memories formed in a perfect world are wonderful and bring delight. Yet today we live in a world where sin is found, where not so perfect life experiences leave us with memories of pain, betrayal, the sting of loss, along with feelings of fear, doubt, anger, hopelessness, and brokenness. We become the walking wounded, crippled, and emotionally (if not physically) scarred.

   We go through things the Lord never intended for us to endure in a perfect world, nor wants us to carry in the world we currently live in. He invites us to give our burdens to Him and have our minds renewed. We are in a world abounding with negativity, victim mindsets, and get even type attitudes. Romans 12:2 encourages us to not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our mind. 
   As we bring memories of our hurts, disappointments, and our negative beliefs and feelings about ourselves, others, life, God, etc. to the Lord he gives us revelations, exposes lies Satan has told us; then as we align with God’s truth we come into a new way of thinking, peace replaces pain. The circumstance of what happened does not change, but how it affects us in the present does.
   He can graciously bring us to a point of truly forgiving from the heart the wrong actions of others. Forgiving doesn’t mean the perpetrator is getting away with something or that what was done was right; wrong is wrong. However forgiveness releases us from carrying the heavy weight and burden of collecting the debt and turns the collection and judgement over to the Lord. In exchange we receive freedom from the fowlers’ snare that once held us.
   In having a new mindset we receive peace of heart and mind; we can then use the precious memories of what the Lord has done to help others who have traveled the same path.
   Is bringing our minds to the Lord to be renewed easy – sometimes; is it difficult – sometimes; let’s face it – pain hurts, and we like to avoid it, it’s part of self-preservation. Is it worth it – absolutely!   

Think Again

Sunrise - Red - onlineYou think it’s the same old day – think again. Open your heart and spirit to Me and see what I won’t do among you in this day.


cheetah-onlineReady? I am! I am ready to move as you have not seen before, I move among ready people, those with open eyes and hearts searching for Me, desiring something more than what they currently have; those who want personal revival, corporate revival, and a present day reformation. For those who are not content with the same old same old. Those who hunger and thirst for more, for Me, and will not be satisfied with day old manna. Today is a new day, yesterday is gone – never to be repeated, an open future awaits, occupy it and seize each new day as a new opportunity to go deeper than the day before, to knock on the door of what can be. Knock in faith with hope that this is the day of new beginning and that it will start with you, in you, and flow through you. Hunger and seek, never grow weary or satisfied that you stop coming to the well to drink.


Lizard Buddies  I tried multiple times to write an article honoring mothers since May contains Mother’s Day. Time was running out when I received an email from the editor asking if there would be a submission for May; all I could do was reply “It is my hope
   Two days left for submission and alas all attempts at doing a mother’s piece stalled out; normally I get an inspiration and the writing flows with little effort, but not this time. My prayer for inspiration was met with silence; or so I thought. While praying I’m still picturing this inspiring article for moms, I was not really listening and waiting for what He had to say, I wanted Him to go along with my plans.  
   Thirty-six hours to go and nothing. I finally conceded throwing up my hands saying Lord, what do you want said; this time I had open ears.
   The Lord was gracious and took the time to teach me a lesson reminding me of my own prayers; for no writing to be released if His anointing was not on it, as it would not touch lives. That I had not sought His direction but wanted my own based on the month of publication – because I thought it was a good idea. He continued with how I had said, though I make my plans I want him to direct my path. I had made my plans alright, but was not listening to him say go a different direction. I kept insisting on my own way! He reminded me of other prayers and commitments as well…
   Everything we do should be in partnership with the Lord, as a team, and there is no I in team work. My attempts were, I, I, I, – not considering my partners plans. A scripture I’ve read numerous times jumps out to me in a new way as I read it today. Proverbs 18:1 tells us “whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire”, (yup that was me),”he breaks out against all sound judgment.” (Ouch).
   More than an article to be written this month it was a lesson to be learned, one I evidently needed.  I hope this writing inspires others to remember their partner, whether in business, marriage, or other endeavors. We are not always called to do every part ourselves.  He calls us to be a part that fits together with the part He calls others to do, so together we fluidly dance the dance of life. The most important partnership we have is with the Lord, the one we must include in the decisions of life if we want the best outcome.
    Twenty-four hours to go and I smile. I think of the way the Lord acted like a mother, wisely using situations of life to lovingly teach a child a lesson. Thank you mom’s, biological and spiritual, for all your tender loving care and lessons in life. May the Lord richly bless you with earthly and heavenly blessings. 


Heart sculpture - onlineMy heart breaks at unrest; it steals life and joy. Discord tears down and apart the family. Oh that you, My children, would learn to live in peace, with eyes focused on Me, with the good of others forefront in your minds, putting away selfish desires and plans. What is the highest goal and purpose of your life? Is it My calling or your own plans? As you keep the focus on Me, seeking Me and My wisdom, I will liberally pour it out on you – your paths will be smoother, your heart content, and peace will be in your household.

Open Book

bible and lampThere is a peace that I give which the unbelieving world does not understand, but they can see the evidence of it in the life of believers, those who accept My peace and steward it well. True peace comes from having a relationship with Me and My holy presence residing in you. What the world sees in you will speak greater volumes than the scriptures you share about My peace for their eyes are not yet opened, but they read your life and actions like a mystery novel – wondering what is it that brings you joy and peace in the midst of chaos and uncertain times. Be an open book for them to read; a book of love, hope, compassion, and a greater truth and way of life; be a well-read novel impacting generations to come.

Live Fully

lg-oak-tree-onlineCome to Me and I will give you rest. I know the world wears you down and you become weary. As you sit with Me I will give you rest, I will refresh you and revive your spirit. Let me carry the burdens you were not meant to carry, let Me fill you with My peace and still your anxious heart. I want you to live fully – in freedom, not weighed down with unnecessary cares, trust Me to guide you through the troubled waters. As you trust in Me more fully, you will be able to enjoy life in a greater measure.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe harvest, does it not belong to the Lord? Then why do we tend to work as if it belonged to us? If it belongs to the Lord, then we should do it as unto Him, following His plans for his desired outcome, then, leave the results to him. His plans are not necessarily as we think it should be. His measurement for success is not the same as ours, thankfully he has better calculations. What we may perceive as below expectations, or even failure, are in His book – considered highly successful. Let us remember to look to Him for the validation of our work. We lean to measuring by what we see in the immediate, external, and temporal, while He sees the heart, the spirit, and the eternal outcome.
It is normal, and befitting, to have expectations, desired goals, and plans in place, the Lord certainly uses those gifting in us; we also need to draw on His creativity and unlimited imagination for inspiration.  As we move forward, it’s imperative to be flexible and let Him direct our steps, to do our best in what He has called us to do, and let Him reap the reward.       
Take courage, when things seem to go awry in our plans, all might just be falling into the Lord’s perfect order. He has this way of working things out, taking our failures and turning them into His successes.
Seeds we plant may not be harvested this season, but in a future by someone else. A single seed that appears to have died, for we see no life coming forth, will one day produce sevenfold, maybe even a hundred or more.         
We can be confident that as we do our best our labor is not in vain, that the Lord in his timing will bring forth the fruit from our labors. 1 Corinthians 15:58 (ESV) tells us “Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.” 
God is a good – good God, who knows what He is doing. Our job is to follow Him, co-laboring together, not trying to lead or have it our way. Then trust Him to do what only He can do.
May the Lord richly bless all the laborers of the harvest with earthly and heavenly blessings, and prosper the works of their hands.


meditation-falls-online     One second, two second, three… oops, there goes my wandering thoughts again. Sorry, Lord, once more I bring my thoughts back to focus on you. Lord, I don’t want my thoughts to wander, I want to think about you, to ponder your marvelous ways, to tune my ears to the sound of heaven, to hear your voice, help me in this area of my life. Once more I dwell you; one second, two second, three…
     How often do we, with good intentions, start to meditate on the Lord, earnestly desiring to enter into His presence, to hear His voice, then – only a few moments later find our thoughts filled with other things? I for one must admit it’s all too often for my liking. Taking every thought captive is not as easy as it might sound, we can take a clue from the 2 Corinthians 10:5 verse indicating it’s not going to be easy, the word “Captive”. To take something captive insinuates a battle in which something or someone is captured and bound so it no longer has freedom. The victory over our lawless thoughts is won with each scrimmage, with each wondering thought brought back onto topic. We are bombarded continuously from all angles with information demanding to be processed and problems dealt with, making it difficult for us to be still. Yet Psalm 46:10 tells us to be still and know that He is God. It too is a battle, we have an enemy who doesn’t want us to be still, for if he can keep us busy or distracted, even with doing good, we won’t be tuning into the sound of heaven, have time to clearly hear the Lord’s voice, or be His presence. If we are not still, refreshed or hearing the battle strategy, we are unable to fight effectively and decisively.
     As we recognize our thoughts have wandered we must fight the desire to follow them. We need to stop – then intentionally turn our thoughts back to the Lord. We should not get discouraged, feel ashamed, or let the enemy beat us up in this battle; but rejoice in each victorious scrimmage where we stopped and refocused. A key in any battle is to submit to God, tell him our struggles and ask for his help; in this case to help us focus and take every thought captive. In some situations we may even need to ask to him to help us want to take our thoughts captive. As we surrender to God and resist the enemy, not focusing on distractive thoughts, eventually he will flee. It doesn’t say he will flee instantly, he doesn’t want to give up where he has had free reign, but greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. Victory is ours with God on our side.
     One second, two second, three second, four – I dwell on you, Lord.


baby-face-onlineI am there in the storm, in the middle of the night, at noon day so bright. You may not know or sense Me but I am there, just a whisper away. You can call on Me at any time and be assured I hear you. In my sovereignty I may not answer when and how you want, just hold on, keep your faith and hope, my ways and plans are perfect. You may not understand here and now why I did not seem to answer, yet one day you will see how my hand was in it, and the bigger plan. Faith, Hope and Love – never let them depart from you.