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Peacock Blue - onlineI am your covering, don’t leave home without Me. Wrap yourself in My grace, My love, My peace. Wear them as adornments; they are as a crown of jewels upon your head; signs of your royal priesthood. A mark of one being in My presence. Let the fragrance of heaven permeate you, then emanate out filling the nostrils of those who draw near. You may be the only touch of heaven some feel in this day. Do not be afraid to shine in the dimly lit places you may find yourself, you carry the hope others are looking for, let Me be seen through you that they may find Me.


White Heart flowerI hold your heart, I feel its heart beat, its beat for Me. I feel its growth in my hands as you continue to press in seeking me, stretching yourself, facing new challenges, inviting Me to be the center of your world. There is life in Me, abounding abundant life. I am your life line. You have a good heart, a strong heart, take care and nurture it, continue to exercise it. Leave it in My hands, I will watch over it, with Me it will lack nothing.

Divine Impregnation


god-rays-onlineMen and women are becoming pregnant! Impregnated with the seed of God’s plan; initially there is excitement, an unexplained joy and a growing anticipation. We ask and cry out “let it to be so”, not considering what the pregnancy, birth and nurturing of the plan will cost. How often do we, on our own accord, enthusiastically get involved with something to later exclaim “no one told me it would be like this or there would be a cost”?

King David proclaimed he would not offer something to God that cost him nothing,             2 Samuel 24:24. Mary paid a price to carry the Christ child; her reputation and an ordinary life. The apostles all paid a price to carry out the birthing and nurturing of the church. Jesus paid the ultimate price.

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Mending - onlineThere is life beyond the hurt and pain, broken trusts and torn hearts. Each one is mended with love by the, Great Mender, who meticulously and carefully mends each one as we offer them to Him, then release our grip – leaving them in His hands.