Monthly Archives: January 2016

Attentive Father

    Mom-baby gorilla, online  My ears are open and attentive to the prayers of My children, not one of them escapes me. I desire to hear what is on your heart. I also hear your praises and worship they ascend to My throne room, how precious they are to Me. I take delight in my children, just as a good earthly father takes delight as he watches his children, so do I.

          I watch over you with a watchful eye aware of all that is going on; here to nothing escapes me. I know your comings and goings, every anxious thought, every thoughtful deed. I am so thrilled when you consciously invite me into your day, to be with you in all you do, to be your guide and confidant. I desire a close intimate relationship with you, the one that I love.

               As it was in the beginning with Adam Continue reading

Love’s Exchange


The New Year has arrived, are you contemplating resolutions and goals?  Does your human heart have a need to love and be loved in return? Could it be to know how to love the Lord in a greater way? To have an intimacy with Him where you would be saying:

In the midnight hour I come unashamedly seeking my Love, the One who has captured my heart; I long to be with Him as I long for no other. To you my Lord, my Love, I open my heart, come abide within, you in me, I in you; an intimate place of knowing each other.

My heart quickens as I sense your presence, it leaps for joy within my chest at your nearness, my knees grow weak, I slowly sink to the ground at Your feet,  I melt like wax at Your touch. I am undone as Continue reading

Set Sail

Sailboat-ononlineThere are times in life that seem to make no sense at all, where we can’t figure out what God is up to; the good news is we don’t have to. The Holy Spirit knows and he will guide us, helping us navigate uncharted waters. He knows every sandbar, coral reef and drop off, along with the currents and tides; as we follow Him he will safely see us through. Let the breath of heaven fill our sails as we lose the moorings, cast off the binding ropes, letting go of the known for the unknown, leaving the safety of the harbor for the open water adventures in life. We can rest secure with the Lord at the helm. We don’t need to follow the stars when the Creator of them is with us. He who chartered the waters setting our course is trustworthy and faithful. Storms may rise and waves crash getting us a little wet but, we can rest confidently with our faith in the Father to see us through.