Attentive Father

    Mom-baby gorilla, online  My ears are open and attentive to the prayers of My children, not one of them escapes me. I desire to hear what is on your heart. I also hear your praises and worship they ascend to My throne room, how precious they are to Me. I take delight in my children, just as a good earthly father takes delight as he watches his children, so do I.

          I watch over you with a watchful eye aware of all that is going on; here to nothing escapes me. I know your comings and goings, every anxious thought, every thoughtful deed. I am so thrilled when you consciously invite me into your day, to be with you in all you do, to be your guide and confidant. I desire a close intimate relationship with you, the one that I love.

               As it was in the beginning with Adam, so it will be again. I walked with Adam in the garden, we spoke openly; I spoke with Moses as a friend, face to face. As a good father wants to hear all about his child’s day and a mother compassionately, tenderly, tends to her child’s needs, so do I. I long to hear about everything, nothing bores me, I take delight as you share your cares and joys with me, your dreams and hopes, your needs and wants. I compassionately listen to each, treasuring them in my heart. I consider all your ways as I tenderly watch over you with a heart full of love, a desire for our well-being, the best for your life. I am the Lord your God, I am your loving heavenly Father; I desire to be your very best Friend, to know you intimately and be known by you intimately, to be in a good relationship with you. Come let us talk a while.

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