Not Alone

My chands-1509113-638x425hild, why be anxious? Do you not know I planned for you from the beginning of time, My hand is not too short to meet your every need. Look to Me in moments of distress, of overwhelm, I am right here, ready to assist, to lift a burden, to fill you with peace, to encourage you. I will provide you with the wisdom, understanding and knowledge you need. I am a provider – like a good Father. I know what you have need of, I do not give you a task I will not equip you for, involve me in all your doings; having a partner divides the labor and lightens the load, especially when it is I, for I am willing to carry the heavier part. Have you not heard, My burden is easy – my yoke is light? Won’t you invite me in and allow me to do as I said I would? You do not need to fear or be distressed, I am only a whisper away, My peace is free for the taking. Rest in me and be refreshed, renew you mind on my promises and let us start this day together,

What a glorious day awaits, come what may we don’t go it alone.

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