Behind the Blog Name

Welcome to Beyond the Silver Coin

The intent of this Blog is to share encouraging, inspirational, uplifting and challenging Christian based posts in a variety of formats, to both men and women, the young and seasoned individuals. Posts that will reflect the love, grace and mercy of our Lord; to bring joy, laughter, hope, encouragement and a challenge to move into a deeper and fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit; to cause us to pause and hear His heart beat, for it beats for you and me.

You may wonder why the Blog is called Beyond the Silver Coin. It is taken from a chapter in my life. As a five year old little girl I was molested, the perpetrator when finished gave me a silver coin, as if a transaction was completed, and admonished me not to tell anyone. A silver coin, a single silver coin, a silver coin that silenced a voice and shattered the innocence of childhood. I never spoke of the atrocity but it had long reaching effects; my voice remained generally silent through my teen years and into the later years of adulthood. As a young girl my mother explained my quietness to others as “she is just extremely shy”. Shy – perhaps yes, but there was far more to it than that; that however, is a subject for another time; for now let us advance to the present day when life took a dramatic turn. The Lord did a miraculous emotional healing in my life; He removed all the guilt, shame, and self-condemnation I carried since childhood; along with a belief that I had little value.  After all, I was only worth – a single silver coin.

The voice once silenced by evil is silent no longer; it has been restored. In the healing process came a greater intimacy with my Lord and an inspiration to write. The Lord took a person who did not like to speak, write, or share anything personal, nor want to be seen, into a place of saying, okay God – use me however.

An unimaginable life began after the effects of the childhood silver coin met the redeeming grace of our Lord; thus the title – Beyond the Silver Coin.

We all have silver coins, hurts, betrayals and wrongs done, of one type or another in our lives; even Jesus’ life involved silver coins, but like His life there is life beyond them. I do not in any way minimize or trivialize the wrongs that have been done to anyone; however they are not the focus of this blog.  I desire to share the hope of life in Christ Jesus, to challenge us to move into a deeper relationship that comes from spending time in His presence, listening to His heart; to bring joy, laughter, hope, and encouragement to others.

May you know “The amazing grace of the Master, Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit…” 2 Corinthians 13:14 MSG

Unto my Lord be all the glory,


One response to “Behind the Blog Name

  1. Wow! That is an amazing name and story. Thank you for sharing and for your transparency<3


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