Love’s Exchange


The New Year has arrived, are you contemplating resolutions and goals?  Does your human heart have a need to love and be loved in return? Could it be to know how to love the Lord in a greater way? To have an intimacy with Him where you would be saying:

In the midnight hour I come unashamedly seeking my Love, the One who has captured my heart; I long to be with Him as I long for no other. To you my Lord, my Love, I open my heart, come abide within, you in me, I in you; an intimate place of knowing each other.

My heart quickens as I sense your presence, it leaps for joy within my chest at your nearness, my knees grow weak, I slowly sink to the ground at Your feet,  I melt like wax at Your touch. I am undone as

your Spirit sweeps over me; I am lost in loves sweet embrace. I scarcely know what to do; I don’t want to move lest I lose this moment or cause Your presence to lift. As I press in expressing the depths of my heart, lavishing You with my love, You engulf me even more. In this place all fear is erased with the realization of your overwhelming vast incomparable love for me. Every fiber of my being is alive pulsing with the love radiating from You.  I bask in the glorious light of your love as it penetrates into the deepest part of my core. I lay still as if dead before you, yet my spirit takes flight soaring to unknown heights, raptured by Your indescribable presence, my human senses are filled with bewilderment at the pure love and holiness of my Creators essence; He who knit me together has undone me.

In this moment there takes place the greatest of love’s exchange, one that surpasses the intellect with its limited expressions, to that of spirit where words are not required, where the purest ecstasy of love and intimacy is expressed and felt; where I am known and know my Love, where all doubt is erased as to His unconditional affections for me.

 How much do you want a deeper relationship with the Lord, the Lover of your soul? Ready to take focus off of self, love on the Lord, then wait – allowing Him to love on you in return? Are you willing to pray a dangerous prayer: Lord, I must have more of you at any cost

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