Set Sail

Sailboat-ononlineThere are times in life that seem to make no sense at all, where we can’t figure out what God is up to; the good news is we don’t have to. The Holy Spirit knows and he will guide us, helping us navigate uncharted waters. He knows every sandbar, coral reef and drop off, along with the currents and tides; as we follow Him he will safely see us through. Let the breath of heaven fill our sails as we lose the moorings, cast off the binding ropes, letting go of the known for the unknown, leaving the safety of the harbor for the open water adventures in life. We can rest secure with the Lord at the helm. We don’t need to follow the stars when the Creator of them is with us. He who chartered the waters setting our course is trustworthy and faithful. Storms may rise and waves crash getting us a little wet but, we can rest confidently with our faith in the Father to see us through.

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