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Light in the Dark

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERADon’t fear the dark. In the darkness is when the candles light is best seen, when the true value of a flashlight with fully charged batteries is appreciated. The beauty of some plants is not realized until they have been in the dark, for only afterwards do they bloom. Similarly, as a carrier of My light, you shine in the dark showing others the way and radiate hope.


100_3177Don’t be anxious, it will not change the circumstances, but it does rob you of peace. Being anxious and worrying make it difficult for you to hear Me and what I want you to know about the situation. Be anxious for nothing, pray, trust in Me, keep hope alive; still your heart and listen to My voice. Let Me give you insights and wisdom to help you in troubling times.

Open Book

bible and lampThere is a peace that I give which the unbelieving world does not understand, but they can see the evidence of it in the life of believers, those who accept My peace and steward it well. True peace comes from having a relationship with Me and My holy presence residing in you. What the world sees in you will speak greater volumes than the scriptures you share about My peace for their eyes are not yet opened, but they read your life and actions like a mystery novel – wondering what is it that brings you joy and peace in the midst of chaos and uncertain times. Be an open book for them to read; a book of love, hope, compassion, and a greater truth and way of life; be a well-read novel impacting generations to come.


White Forest FlowerMy Child, I hear your voice filled with praise. Come closer, let me look upon you, you are the delight of My heart. I enjoy these times together when you are not rushing off into your day, but take time to talk with Me. Pause now and hear My voice, I love you, I desired and planned for you from the very beginning. I have special plans for you, you are my special child, unique in your ways, you are one of a kind. You touch and impact lives in ways others cannot. The world, your family, your church and your community need your unique set of gifts, calling and equipping, just as you need theirs. You were meant to need each other, to be as one family, one church, one body. In this you more fully reflect My multiple facets to the world. You were also meant to live life with Me, not apart, so I am thrilled when you are still and turn your thoughts, desires and affection towards Me, longing to know My ways, My thoughts, My desires, My heart. There is a lifetime of knowing, growing and learning open to you, there is no final degrees, no BA, Masters or PHD. What you gain does not end at your last breath, it’s good for eternity. Come, be still, sit a while with Me and know Me.


WaterfallLord, you nourish my dry and weary soul as I come to you in the still of the night. As a melody fills the air You lift my spirit up, my cares melt away. Striving ceases as my focus turns to you, as I put the burden of the “to do list” in your hands. The truth of scripture comes to reality, but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint (Is. 40:31). You sustain me, oh my Lord, you breathe a fresh breath of life over me, I am refreshed with living water.

Peace Despite the Storm

How can we be so certain God’s plans for us are good? We are bombarded at every turn with bad news: super-storms, flooding, severe drought, earthquakes, shootings, bombings, global economic crises, greater government control, diminishing religious freedoms, terrorism, and the list continues. With all the chaos and upheavals in life, when it seems everything is going wrong and with our dwindling faith for any change, one may doubt how God’s plans are to prosper us, where the future and hope is.

If God’s plans were to harm us, why would Jesus have bothered to come? Why would he have endured such agony and suffering to save us? Why would he send the Holy Spirit to be our comforter, teacher and guide? If God’s plans had not been for good, then why give us a Continue reading

Hold On

193It can be frustrating when we can’t figure things out, when the answers and next step escape us; that’s when faith and trust has to step in. We know that God is at work and is working all things out for good – even though it may not seem like it at the time.  He sees the beginning from the end and knows what’s best.  Let’s trust that current circumstances are a blessing in disguise.   As much as we want a cake to hurry and bake so we can relax and enjoy it, if we take it out too soon the outcome will not be good; we also don’t want what the Lord is birthing to be delivered prematurely, but in the fullness of His perfect timing.   May an increased faith, hope and trust in a loving God arise, and an infilling of such unimaginable peace that all fears and worry melt away.