Raising the Bar

That wStairway - onlinehich you stand on is good but the bar is being raised.  You are being called to a higher accountability.  You need Me in order to do this, it’s all about Me, Me released through you.  You need the time with me to receive what is to be released.  Come and dine, snacks will not suffice, you need hearty meals.  Feast on Me and My words, they are life to your bones and spirit, be fatted on Me.  Spend time with Me, then take Me with you, don’t try to do what I ask on your own, you need Me in order to accomplish what is ahead.  Continually drink from the Well Spring of life being refreshed and revitalized that you do not grow faint or weary.  You are My representative, strive to represent Me well and in fullness, for I am not a God of lack but of abundance.  

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