Gift - online             December, it’s here, with Christmas just around the corner and a new year right on its heels. But, let’s not rush the New Year, instead let’s delight in this moment in time we have been given; the time to celebrate an event that changed the course of history for you, me and all mankind; one that would alter the human relationship with the living God, all because of a baby’s birth. What seemed an ordinary event in life had an extraordinary beginning, when the seed of God was planted in the womb of a virgin girl, resulting in an anything but an ordinary newborn child. A birth that warranted the angels of heaven

announcing its birth. Although this baby named Jesus came to save all, his birth was not announced to the elite in society, instead to the lowly shepherds who then did an extraordinary thing, they risked their very livelihood by leaving their sheep alone in order to seek out the baby, the foretold Messiah, the Savior.
               Fast forward two thousand plus years to you and I today, what are we willing to potentially sacrifice to seek out our Savior? Are we willing to be inconvenienced as the Magi were when they traveled a great distance to be in His presence? Are we willing to lay our treasures at Jesus’ feet? Are we willing to risk being ridiculed, slandered, gossiped about and misjudged as Mary was, in order to carry Jesus inside us, letting others see the evidence of Him growing in us, birthing a new life? Are we willing to be a Joseph, taking on the great responsibility of raising Godly children, those born to us – as well of those who need a Godly influence where we have the opportunity to be spiritual parents?
               Are we willing to be as Jesus was, about the Father’s business, despite the potential consequences and hardships; even unto death?
             God gave us His greatest gift, his Son Jesus. Jesus gave us His greatest gift, His life. What shall we give Him; what is our greatest gift?

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