Listening Prayer

Pray - onlineLet us never grow weary of going to the Lord in prayer, of making our requests known, of seeking His will for our life and situations. He cares about those things that affect us. Let us freely talk with Him, trust Him to listen and respond. He takes delight when we stop, wait and listen to hear His response, instead of just saying a prayer and go on our way, never waiting to hear what He has to say. He desires to have a two way conversation. As we wait upon His reply, not rushing off to something else, He is able to share insights with us, letting us know what’s in His heart, what His plans are, why His answer is such and such. Why saying “yes” is not always the best answer, why “no” in certain situations is the most loving, caring thing He can do. When we spend the time talking with Him we gain understanding and He will not seem uncaring but instead as a Papa who loves us, who knows the big picture, who wants the best for us. He can let us know why what we ask for will not be until a future time, at the right time, instead of immediately. In His wisdom he does not always give what we ask for but desires to give us something better. Sometimes the answer is already in place and He wants to tell us how to see it, how to use it wisely. He longs to give us wisdom in the things we ask for; how to pray in agreement with the will of heaven, that His Kingdom may invade our lives and world.

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