Lessons from a Cat

100_6645aI could learn much from my cat on persistence and pursuing the desires of the heart.  When she sees me, she comes close, rubbing against my leg, nudging my hand, wanting to experience the pleasure of her master’s touch.  When she does not feel my touch, she doesn’t give up, she becomes more persistent, more aggressive, nudging even harder. If I am silent, not speaking or responding, she begins to softy call out, then turns more vocal as if crying out in desperation. When she does not see me, she searches the house, then sensing I am on the other side of a door; she works at the door to open it so she can enter the room where I am.  She is not easily discouraged from her pursuit to be near the one she desires; she is resolved to be in my presence, to feel my touch, and is not content until she obtains what she seeks.

How much more should I be pursuing my Master’s touch, my Creators presence, the desire of my heart?  How easily I tend to give up after five minutes of prayer if I do not sense His presence.  Instead, I should be pressing in. Deuteronomy 4:29 says he who seeks with all their heart will find Him.  When my cat claws (her way of knocking) at the door I respond by opening to let her in, our Lord is the same way.  To seek implies going in search of something or someone.  It doesn’t say He is not to be found or not there, but there is an action needed on our behalf.  How much do we really want the Master’s touch?  Is it just a whim or a quick feel good fix, but not one we want to put forth much effort in and quickly move on to other pleasures?  Or is it a deep heartfelt desire where we are willing to put forth an effort to obtain a prize most worthy of our pursuit?  One that will satisfy the deep longing of our soul!

How much more valuable is our God’s touch to us, than mine is to a cat. In our Master’s right hand there are pleasures for evermore (Psalm 16:11).  In His touch there is life and healing.  In His touch is strength and reassurance. In His touch is pure love.

I may become annoyed at times with my cats persistence, not wanting to be bothered; but the Lord is never annoyed, He is always delighted when we earnestly pursue Him.  In the end my cat knows, she has her faith, that she will obtain what she was pressing in for, the touch of her master’s hand.  We also can rest assured that if we pursue and press in, not quickly giving up, that we will encounter the reward of our Master’s touch.    Let us resolve to pursue the presence of our Master with all diligence, not being easily swayed or distracted.

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