Main Thing

Every100_1096 once in a while, admittedly too often, I need a gentle loving reminder from my Heavenly Papa, to keep the main thing the main thing; the main thing being Jesus.  He is not part of the formula, He is the formula.  Tenderly, as a caring Father, He speaks to my heart:

Frequently I come and knock, desirous to spend time with you, but there is no answer, busyness keeps you occupied.  I sit and weep at our lost time together, those things I was unable to share or call you to.  The dull clang of a brass cymbal has kept you from hearing.  Oh that you would have hearing ears and seeing eyes, for the things of Me, of heaven.  Oh the lost riches of heaven I am unable to impart as you clamor for the temporal things and acclaims of this world, those without eternal value.  Look away, hear My voice, seek My face, that it may be well with your soul.  That it may be well with us, that you may prosper in Me and eternally. 

Father, thank you for the hearing ears and seeing eyes you have given me, help me keep them unobstructed by what the world places before me or that I might turn to instead of You.  I come to you asking for wisdom and a spirit of discernment to differentiate between your voice and that of others, that I may harken to yours alone.

3 John 1:2 I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

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