Pondering – Holy Spirit

There is Dove in flightsomething about the stillness, those quiet times, when the Holy Spirit comes, making himself known and reveals things of life to us. Some on a very practical level, while others for fun.  It’s different to think in terms of “fun” and the “Holy Spirit”.  It brings a smile to my face and a chuckle on the inside.  I’m certain heaven is not going to be boring, nor all work.

I wonder what fun stuff we will be up to?  I don’t quite see Jesus as a practical jokester; possiblya little tease – like a big brother; maybe there’ll be a game of tag or hide-n-seek. Perhaps we will sit by the banks of the Crystal Sea reminiscing, telling stories of old, those “remember when’s” – we would rather forget.  I wonder if they will bring embarrassment in heaven as they did on earth, or will we just have a good laugh being glad those days are behind us.

Though we can wonder about heaven, for now I am thankful for the presence of the Holy Spirit, the joy, comfort, and pleasure he brings into our current lives.  Those precious times we share together now.  How our lives are enriched when we allow him to be a part of it.  Life with him is certainly not boring.  Talk about the ultimate party guest, he should always be on top of our invite list.  You know he is faithful to come even if no one else does.  When he shows up he changes the atmosphere, all things are better when he is present. He is never intrusive but always ready to spend time chatting with us, letting us in on heavenly secrets.  So let us remember to invite him in to our day, set him a place at the table and make him feel welcome.

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