Everlasting Love

Our Heavenly Father would say to us – 

I love you with an everlasting love, with the love of a Father’s heart, from a heart of compassion and a desire or your well-being.  My love for you cannot be bought or earned.  I love you because I am love and you are My child.   A love such as Mine may be difficult to understand as your only comparison is that of other people, some with good intentions but who miss the mark, while others use such statements to manipulate you for their own gain.   I don’t say I love you to get you to do something for me.  My love is pure and undefiled.  I only desire what is best for you, My love is not selfish, it is a sacrificial love.  My love will stand up to the test of time; it will not fade or be withdrawn.  My love is an everlasting love, one I desire to make known to you, to all who will receive it.

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