Amazing Grace

I find the grace of Jesus Christ so amazing.  When I feel so undeserving, those times when I can’t begin to count how many ways I have blown it – just in that one day; instead of lowering the boom He picks me up not bothering to dust me off first, then holds me close tenderly as He pours out His extravagant love on me.   He holds me near until I am strengthened, know I am forgiven, feel secure in Him and am able to stand facing what is ahead.  Grace, God’s unmerited favor; I am so thankful it is based on who He is and not on what I have done; I guess that’s why it is called Grace.

G – God’s

R – Redeeming/Restoring

A – And

C- Compassionate/Caring/Cleansing

E – Essence

May His great grace surround you this day my friends.

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