Be Still

The Lord gently speaks to my heart…

Sit and chat with Me a while, let us have a heart to heart. You are not my slave or hired servant, you are first and foremost my child. I want to know you as such, as the child I love and I want you to know Me as your Father, one that you love. I desire the best for you, not because of what you can or will do for Me, but out of my love for you. I want to show and teach you all of heavens secret for it is your inheritance, it is your right as my heir. All that I have given to Jesus, my son, is also yours. As you grow and mature you will learn how to rightfully handle what I have for you. Come sit beside Me, know My heart of pure love and  acceptance of you. You are not an orphan, you do not need to be self-reliant, you do not have to strive to earn what is already yours through a relationship with Me. Open your heart to My unconditional love, incline your ears to My words, know My heart, walk in My ways and plans for your life, walk in hope and into your future.

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