Apple Ponderings


The exterior peel though normally appealing is not what we long for, it’s what’s on the inside. The peel wraps itself around the tender sweet juicy nourishing flesh inside; the peel is strong enough so the apple doesn’t fall apart, but soft enough to easily allow us inside. The peel let’s some of the fragrance held within escape drawing others near, but the real aroma and beauty of the apple comes when it is opened up.  Then at the core, the center of who the apple is, is life, seeds of life, just waiting to be released and planted in a new garden to bring forth more life.

You my friend are the apple of God’s eye, he delights how you let him inside, how you let his sweet aroma be released through your open life, that the seeds of life he put in you – you plant into the garden soil of another’s life.

You my apple friend are a blessing

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