God’s for You

Apples on limbKnow the Lord is with you, He is for you, and has good plans.

I am the Lord your God, I am faithful to be who I said I am. I am unchanging, I am eternal, you can hope and trust in me. I am faithful to my word and I will perform each word and fulfill each promise I have made.  I am the same yesterday, today and forever. A wrong perception of me does not make me wrong. I am a God of love and my love is towards you. My plans for you are good, even when you do not see them. There is hope for you, even when you do not feel it. There is a future for you, one with joy, hope and yes – even some sorrow in it, but it is a good future, even if it seems out of your grasp. I long for you to receive all I have for you, to not to be deceived that it is not there, that it is not for you or unattainable, for it is attainable; accept that it is for you, a gift from me to my loved one – you.
May your day be blessed with a sense of His holy presence surrounding and uplifting you, of his vast love and affection for you; you my friend – are the apple of His eye.

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