Beloved Child

light in windowMy child. I call you my child because you are, you are one I tenderly watch over , caring about your every need, nurturing you, teaching and guiding you. I know you intimately,  better than you know yourself. I watch over you knowing every tear you shed, being right there with you in all the joys and sorrows in life. I listen to each prayer, the spoken and of the heart. I know your  failures and love you just the same. I know your deepest desires and search of me. My precious child know I am here with you, I am for you, desiring the best for my beloved  child. The best is not always as you plan, I hope you will trust me in all situations, even when it takes a leap of faith to do so. I love you, I always have and always will, you are special to my heart, one I take delight in. Rest in, me, cast all your cares upon me for I care about you. I am your good Father, you are my precious and beloved child.

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