Dive Into the Depths of My Heart

I’m sharing a word and painting from my friend, Danielle, with her permission. I hope it speaks to you as it did to me.

    Dive by Danielle T ‘Dive into the depths of my heart‘ – I actually woke up saying this one morning. For months following I asked God ‘How?’ ‘How do I do that?’ And one day, overwhelmed by the question I just started to paint this dive painting, and when I finished, He answered me:
    It all comes down to one decision when you’re standing on the end of the dock. It’s not about what every motion and every moment of the dive will look like. It’s just that one decision. To dive. To lunge into the unknown. And once you do, then it’s impossible to look back, to turn around, to stop.                                      He also spoke about the water in my wake (the bubbles) behind me, like chaos erupting from the dive. For me this was people’s opinions and voices responding to what looked reckless to them – this  life of abandonment to God. He said “It’s important to remember it’s behind you“. I also saw how it was a decision I made alone. No one can make you do this, and no one can stop you when you do. The decision is yours. And lastly, ‘you can’t breathe under water — so it’s entirely about trust‘ Trusting He’ll keep you and sustain you in the impossible.  I also saw in the painting that it was darker the deeper I dove, and how I hadn’t expected this. I expected I would find the most light in this place, but instead I pondered how it could be I was actually heading toward dark depths. “He makes darkness his secret place”. Immediately He spoke to me “My word is a lamp unto your feet” and I knew this meant I would have to live only by every word He spoke in this place. And finally, He reminded me that He will give you treasures out of darkness. That there are treasures hidden in that unknown place, and the only way to find them, is to dive there. 


God confirmed the word after speaking it with John chapter 21, where Peter and disciples are out fishing, but when Peter sees Jesus on the shore, he dives off the boat and swims after Jesus. 
*God highlighted how it looked reckless to be Spirit-led to the others, after all, they were only a short distance from Jesus, why not boat to Him in a reasonable manner? (Why the messy passion/inconvenience that looks so foolish?)
**Also, that it was Peter’s idea to go fishing — but he was the first to abandon everything just to be with Jesus himself. (And implication of being willing even to abandon ministry to others if it ever comes above ministering to the Lord Himself)
*Also how this might have provoked those with him that he looked so reckless, and left all the heavy lifting/dragging the net to them — but the scripture shows that somehow Peter managed to swim to Jesus and STILL be the one to bring the net to land when Jesus says “bring some fish” –> The difference is, it was work to them, but to Peter He was responding to Jesus’ voice form the place of intimacy.

The message/painting focused on Psalm 27 — ONE THING I have desired of the Lord and that will I seek after. 

I’m blessed the word is still continuing to go forth and speak to hearts. It really was months of me asking Him what in the world He meant by ‘dive into the depths of my heart?’ — but clearly a question worth asking! 


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