New Ways

As I was preparing the luncheon for a conference, the day gave way to evening and the final task, the pulling part of pulled chicken. As I faced the forty pounds of boneless chicken breast that had simmered all day to perfection, a dread swept over me, with two forks in hand the thought comes – I will never see the back side of my eyelids tonight. Okay, first I must admit it was only twenty pounds of chicken, but with two forks it might as well have been forty.  As I stared at the chicken before me, trying to muster the energy to begin, I spy the food processor still on the counter from use throughout the day.  A thought crept in; I wonder how it would turn out if I run the chicken through using the slicing blade.  Well, it wouldn’t hurt to try; they say desperation is the mother of invention. With nothing to lose in went a couple of breasts; I pushed down on whatever that thingamajig component on top is called. The blade whirred, the chicken disappeared, the moment of truth. In anticipation I slowly removed the lid to reveal the results, Oh My, it worked!  It looked and tasted the same. I will never again go back to “the fork”. That ominous mound of chicken was brought down to a manageable pile in minutes; however, I am left with a dilemma, is it ethical to still call it “pulled chicken”?

It’s easy to laugh or get excited when finding new ways to do everyday tasks of life.  What about in our spiritual life? Do we tend to do the same thing the same way because it’s the way it’s always been done; it works, so why change it? Or are we willing to look at different methods, think outside tradition, to ponder something new? Just consider we serve a creative God, who made us in his image – creative beings.  Consider Jesus’ example of healing people, he did it various ways, by touch, spit, mud and word. Not that any were wrong or ineffective, he just healed individuals in different ways and they were all good.

Ever consider doing things differently? Perhaps sit in different seat during service, around different people? What about joining in corporate prayer across denominational lines with other Christians for a common purpose, or to simply promote Jesus Christ in our communities instead of a church?  The Bible is full of transitions and new ways. What if Noah had said no to something new – like build an Ark?  What if Abraham had kept the family traditions instead of moving on? Then there was a virgin named Mary, who said yes to something unheard of before!  Just because it is not how we have done life in the past doesn’t mean change is wrong. When it was time to cross into new territory God encourage Joshua – be bold, be strong, be courageous.

Is the Lord wanting to do something new in you, through you, around you?         Be bold! Be strong! Be courageous!

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