Mournful Plea

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA mournful cry broke the silence of the night. A cry of desperation longing to be heard, a plea saying I am here – hear me, open the door that I might come in out of the cold night to take refuge until the mornings’ light.

My heart cries out, like the cats mournful plea, to be let inside that I might enter the sanctuary of Your arms, where I am safe and secure from the dark that bites at my heals.

This world, Lord, would be a dark and hard place if it were not for the light, your light shining brightly causing all darkness to flee. You set the captives of the night free, the snare of the fowler broken by your truth and love.

In the light of Your love and holy presence divine, I am healed and made whole in all that I am; in You I find my rest. Let me stay awhile in Your embrace, entreat me not to leave, I am nothing apart from you, You are my very life. My next breath and heart beat are in your hands; right where I want to be.

Lord, you heard my mournful plea and welcomed me in.

In my distress I cried to the Lord, And He heard me. Psalm 120:1

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