hanging flowers onlineSuspended! My heart did extra beats as I opened the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) envelope seeing the words in big bold capitalized letters, “NOTICE OF INTENT TO SUSPEND”. Unbelief raced through my mind with questions, what and why, is my license being suspended.   I breathed a sigh of relief upon pulling the letter out discovering it was suspending the vehicle registration on a scooter. My daughter had moved and could not take it with her so it had been stored in my garage. She needed funds and planned to sell it; I thought I would buy it to help her out and that it just might be fun to putter around town on it, not to mention the gas savings.

With paperwork in hand I went to DMV to inquire if any different rules from state she had lived in, just to make certain I did everything legit. I discovered the laws varied from where she had been, there the scooter was not required to be licensed before driven on the road, in California it is. So I started the registration process but was unable to finish, since it had not been registered in the other state the dealers bill of sale was not acceptable. To make a few months story short, it took three visits to DMV, two dealings with the local sheriff, dealer contact for Manufacturer Certificate of Origin, and more.

When I first started the process I contacted my insurance carrier to discover they don’t insure scooters, I would have to look elsewhere. When the scooter was finally registered, I was then told I would need a motorcycle license; again not required in former state. By this time I was frustrated with everything and thought of just selling it. I considered taking pictures so I could put it on Craig’s List, but getting insurance had long slipped my mind…that is until the letter arrived today.

As I contemplated the whole rigmarole I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if I slipped and forgot spiritual things that I would get reminders, then I could take action to get back on course. Quickly following that I thought, perhaps I do, but I won’t know about them if I don’t open the Book. If I had set the DMV letter unopened on my desk, I would not have known my error; ignorance of DMV’s instructions wouldn’t get me out of the consequences. Likewise, if I don’t open the Bible to read the letters inside I could be missing important details, some with dire consequences. Comparatively, if I did not open a letter informing me of an inheritance or an award I could claim, I would be missing out on what was rightfully mine; again likewise, God’s word is full of treasures and benefits that are for me (and you), here and now, but I won’t know about them until I open the Letter and read it.

Psalm 103:2 Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits –




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