There is nothing impossible for a life surrendered to the Lord. He is the God of possibilities, the God of dreams, he is a creative God.  We do not need to be afraid to dream with him, to dream the dreams he gives us. Wonder where the dream comes from? Search God’s word; take the dream to him for confirmation. Some dreams will only come to pass as we involve the Lord in them. Great dreamers needed a great God who knew how to put the pieces together, in the right order and time. Joseph had a dream, David had a promise of a kingdom; both had years to wait to see them fulfilled, neither saw the steps it would take or know the timing, but they held on in faith through troubling times, in dark and difficult places. Both great rulers with a promise in their youth, who found their lives in the most unlikely places for one who would someday be great; caves and prisons, in foreign lands, in times that made no sense, where it would have been easy to give up, to give in to circumstances. Neither saw this as there training ground and preparation time they needed in order to lead great nations, but they held to the dream and promise that came from God until the day he fulfilled it. If they had immediately walked into the dream and promise they would not have been prepared for the position. It was not within them to make it happen, to bring it about, it was within the Lord. There are times to set striving aside, to be still and rest in in Him. Rest comes from a place of trust, a trust that God will be faithful to fulfill his promise. When we trust God we will find rest and peace for our soul and spirit, right where we are.

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