Whispers of the Heart

   Since my husband passing two and a half years ago, life has taken some interesting twists and turns, with surprises along the way. As I’ve learned to be more dependent on God, I have found Him not just faithful to His promises but aboundingly so. He also remembers the whispers of the heart.

   Like many others COVID restrictions cancelled all my travel plans with family and friends. Earlier this year as I began again to make travel plans, they were once again abruptly interrupted, this time by two words from the Lord “ministry school”. Ministry School? It was like – Lord, do you know how old I am. I know, silly question to ask Him, I didn’t really ask but I thought it laughingly. It was amazing how travel thoughts instantly faded away.  All of a sudden, I was giddily excited at the prospect of ministry school while at the same time concerned about being unavailable for family or missing a grandchild’s birthday party; being away from my church family who are so dear, and ministry things there; and having the talk with pastors about leaving. I also had concerns whether or not I would be able to keep up with other students who were my children or grandchildren’s age; and what about my cat and houseplants, Plus, I’d never left home and moved somewhere where I knew no one before. Yes, my concerns might sound silly to some while others can identify with them. It’s amazing how tangled we get with things, but as I considered not going there was this feeling that I couldn’t put a finger on, it was if I had to no matter the sacrifices. In all the transition, planning, praying, the application process, and so forth – once more the Lord was aboundingly faithful in everything. He worked things out in unimaginable ways; amazing how He cares about things that concerns us. I was a little apprehensive the day of my phone interview and wondered how long it would be before I would find out if accepted. At the end of call I choked up and tears escaped, I couldn’t believe – I was accepted to start in the fall.

   When asked what led me here (to school), I would reply it was the Lord’s idea, how He changed my plans. Then last week while listening to one of the speakers, the Lord reminded me how a couple decades earlier while at a conference and hearing about the ministry school, I had said I would like to do that. It was a fleeting desire long ago dismissed in the midst of raising a family, a job, and other life pursuits. However, the Lord had not forgotten the whispers of my heart, in His perfect timing He said – I am giving you that which you desired.  

   Che Ahn stated “When you are following God, He will lead you where you thought you could never go!”

   What are your God dreams?

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