tree-leaves-onlineDo you hear the wind blowing in the leaves? They are completely surrendered to where the wind takes them; just like the leaves – we should also be willing to go without resistance where the Holy Spirit leads us. When a fresh wind (move) of the Holy Spirit comes will we be willing to let Him take us where we have not gone before, will we be willing to flow with Him? We do not need to fear what He is doing. We do need to protect the purity of His move, it is not for show or our self-glory, it is for His. He desires to move unhindered showing his glory, releasing signs and wonders. The Acts Church was not just for yesterday, but for today. Are we hungry for it?
   Can you hear the Lord saying, “I’m not done with you yet! I’ve been waiting for the moment to speak, when you are silent and ready to listen. I will not compete with all you let occupy your mind. I whisper gently calling to you, waiting for you to hear and turn your attention towards me. Now that I have it let me tell you how much I love you, how you are my heart’s desire. I long to be with you every moment of the day; you are my first thought – I long to be yours. I invite you to sit with me awhile. I have plans for you to know about, you still have a future, one with hope. It doesn’t matter what has happened to you or your errors, I am bigger than them all. I can use them and you for my glory, if you will allow me to. Hear my words precious one, let me love you and make myself known to you in new way; let me revive you – body, soul, and spirit; let me breathe fresh life into you.”
   The Lord is not done with us yet. He has a destiny for each of us to live out. Destiny is more than a six letter word in the dictionary. It’s more than a whimsical dream, it’s a calling, a plan and purpose, one designed by the Master Planner. We are not a “just” in life, not just a mother, father, son or daughter, employee or employer, student or any other “just”, and should not limit ourselves in our roles or titles; we are created for so much more. We are created in the image of God, therefore we are created for the extraordinary. Some of us might be walking out our destiny while others are being prepared to step into theirs. Then there is those earnestly seeking to know their calling or perhaps sadly running from it. 
   Wherever we are, I pray the Lord will awaken us to our call and destiny, to embolden us to live and walk it out in such a time as this in history, and to do so in the fullest. 

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