Come and See

I Candy display-onlineam the Way, the Truth, and the Life, but you already know this, that is why your heart seeks after me as it does. Your heart longs to be where I am, with me – in my presence. Let your heart run to me, don’t try to restrain it; come along with it, sit with me, let me tell you who I really am, not just the stories you’ve heard, there is so much more. I am not black-and-white and two-dimensional, I am alive in living color and multifaceted. Come closer, look and see, listen with your heart and know me, really know me. I am just waiting for you to see all there is of me. You won’t be disappointed – you’ll be like a child in a candy shop, amazed at all there is to see and experience.  You’ve tasted and seen that I am good, but just wait, there is so much more. Come.

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